Tables with chairs? I think not!


When we think about placing a table in the kitchen or in the dining room, we automatically imagine how many chairs we will need, right? This thought ends up limiting our creativity a little and it doesn’t even cross our minds how many different ways we can accommodate the crowd. Long stools, sofas and even bigger puffs can be excellent options!
I selected ten beautiful and super different environments to show how you can use your imagination even in small spaces:

Modern with a rustic touch

table-with-sofa-bench-puff-decoration-danielle-noce-1 Picture – Homedit

I think the benches and sofas full of cushions already create a super nice atmosphere, don’t you think? A wooden table with a corner like that, so … Perfect! This environment is ideal for those who receive enough people and, if they had to place chairs, they would not have enough space. The decor in this style remains super traditional and very cozy!

Reduced space

table-with-sofa-bench-puff-decoration-danielle-noce-2 Photo – Hello Blogzine

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