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Dear reader Rebecca Paes asked me and Lia Camargo to create a TAG with 10 questions called BLOGUEIRA BOYFRIEND. We did and put Paulo and Dani (Lia’s boyfriend) to answer. And this was the most fun result.
If you also want to answer TAG, the questions are below:
1- Do you enjoy working with / for your wife / girlfriend?
2- Tell us a little about your day day
3- Is there anything that fans do that makes you jealous? 4- Have you received any funny or curious messages?
5- When do you think your wife / girlfriend is working too much?
6- What do you think of everything around your life becoming a post?
7- What do you think about the exposure of your image? Do you care about that? Do you like to appear on camera?
8 – Does the exposure of your image bother you or do you like to appear too? Have you been recognized on the street? How was it?
9- When you are most proud of your wife. Was there a special moment that you remember to tell?
10- If you had a blog about what it would be?
If you are also a blogger and married or dating, answer the TAG and let me know so I can see it too.

The look of this leaving the oven was ultra light and relaxed. A dress that I love and always wear very wide and with pockets, which makes it one of my favorites, in addition to the black and white knit ball. To adjust the waist a black belt.
On my feet, my usual golden sneakers and to give a cooler look, a circular shaped bag of black varnish.
Dress | Osklen
Tennis | Osklen
Belt | American Apparel
Purse | Kate Spade
dani-noce-out-of-the-oven-11-3 copy

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