Taiwan: the country with 15,000 temples

Taiwan: the country with 15,000 temples

It is impossible to go to Taiwan and not be impressed by the beauty of religious temples. To give you an idea, the country has more than 15,000 temples! Amidst so many buildings and skyscrapers, the colorful and elegant buildings of the temples make visitors know the story cultural from Taiwan.
Taiwan TemplesThese houses of worship can be of 3 religions main: Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Although the architecture of the three is similar, each has its particularities. At the Buddhism, the temples have a simpler decoration and with fewer images. While in Taoism, the decorative items are more present and exquisite. These can be made of ceramics and wood, or even paintings and mosaics made with colored shards.


Taiwan Temples
I can already see that when it comes to the number of temples, Taiwan comes first. And that’s why, in addition to its capital, Taipei, there is also a spiritual capital. The city is the older of the country and it’s called Tainan.
Tainan has hundreds temples and was also the island’s capital for more than 200 years. If you want to know this kind of sanctuary, this is the place to visit. Due to the great choice and diversity of the temples, the city becomes a wonderful destination for those who want to take incredible and inspiring photos.
Unfortunately we were unable to visit Tainan, but we did know a Taoist temple in Taipei. And, for sure, it was the most surreal of the trip! It is very incredible to know a totally new culture, Paulo and I stayed impressed with every detail.


Taiwan Temples
The name of this religion has a very beautiful meaning: the teaching the way. From that you can already feel the vibration From purposes and teachings of this Chinese belief. Taoism is not just a religion, as many consider it a Lifestyle. Generally, everyone who follows this style has their own view of what Taoism is.
In many academic studies, Taoism is seen as a school of thought that seeks immortality. Therefore, the definition of this concept is very broad, but the essence of thought is the meaning literal of word!
The temple we visited there follows the Taoism and I was simply Haunted with everything we’ve seen. So I listed 3 temples wonderful people who have this same philosophy.


Taiwan Temples
THE Baoan temple is in the historic Dalong district of Taipei, and is a great tip for those who want to know a place that is not very frequented by tourists. The best times to visit are from morning or at the end of afternoon. By the way, Time it is one of the things that you need to worry about during the visit. This type of tour is not fast, we are about two hours to be able to enjoy everything – and we still felt that we could have spent a few more minutes or hours watching every corner.
AN wealth of details in this temple draws attention and just looking at it I felt peace, I swear to you! The structure is full of decorative arts traditional and has figurative elements of animals like dragons and tigers.
Taiwan Temples
THE temple was founded in 1760 and, from 1995 to 2002, underwent a major project of remodeling. Qualified artisans and high quality materials were selected to transform the space. And a well done renovation makes all the difference, doesn’t it?
An interesting fact is that the temple performs the “Cultural Baosheng”, An annual folk arts festival. In it, several rituals, mainly involving gratitude and also celebrations of birthday of religious gods. It is worth paying attention to the event dates, who knows they may not coincide with your trip to Taiwan ?


This temple was also built in the 18th century and is still considered today reference when it comes to sophisticated design. In addition, the Temple Longshan has more than 10,000 square meters extension, and the tip the previous temple is still valid: set aside a good time from your day to be able to observe all the details.
Each temple has a resident deity and in Longshan this is the Bodhisattva Guanyin. In the back worship hall, you will find a sanctuary entirely dedicated to her. Still inside the hall, you can observe the supports and beams that were sculpted by mixing symbols traditional: fish, dragons, bats, lions and more. You have to keep your mouth open for every little detail that makes up this fantastic atmosphere.


The temple City god was built in 1748 with the proposal to be exactly what the name suggests: a city for gods. He was also restored years later and had an incredible job of internal decoration. In their structure, the elements are very elegant like the bird and flower panels we found inside the temple. The care for details is even in your roof, which has dragons made in mosaics.
An interesting fact about this temple is that, in the entrance courtyard, there are many food stalls! So, in addition to knowing what’s going on in the house of worship, you can do a break for The little snack. September and November are months of festivities and lots of entertainment, as the gods’ birthdays are celebrated, so it is quite interesting to put it on the itinerary if you are around town during this time. time.
Did you already have contact or know the chinese temples? Comment here what you think of these indications of Taiwan and also watch our vlog over there.


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