Take advantage of the heat wave Do we lose weight faster at high temperatures?

Take advantage of the heat wave Do we lose weight faster at high temperatures?

Is it easier to lose weight in the heat? Yes, is the answer from science. If you only stand in the sun, you will still not get a bikini figure. We reveal how it’s really done.

With the summer the covers fall. The clothes become light and airy, at the same time we feel more free and flexible. Unfortunately, the scales do not always confirm the perceived effect and when trying on the bikini it often turns out that there is still a lot to do before the beach vacation.

But there is also good news: the heat itself can actually help us lose weight. And how does she do it?

Drink properly in the heat, in our :

Lack of water

Danger from lack of water?
Weak and shaky? This is how much you should drink in the heat

It was a terrifying picture: Chancellor Angela Merkel (65) was surprised by a violent tremor at a state reception for the Ukrainian President last Tuesday. She later gave the all-clear: after three glasses of water she was fine again. Can lack of water really cause such a phenomenon? We explain how to drink properly in the summer heat!

Drinking a lot helps a lot

The logical thought would be initially: As the temperature rises, we begin to sweat and lose water and pounds at the same time. Rather the opposite is the case: With the heat and sweating, we are thirsty and increase our fluid intake.

The drinking water now performs the desired service inside the body: The metabolism gets going, our combustion engine for calories revs up. Since the water itself does not have any calories, there is a positive effect, which is intensified by the decreased feeling of hunger when drinking. We’re losing weight.

You can find out 5 great tips against the summer heat in the video below!

Heat wave: 5 brilliant tips against the summer heat

Destructive effect: calorie enemy water

Scientists at the Berlin Charité have proven this effect years ago and made it clear in numbers. In their 2003 study, they show that even half a liter of water increases the energy expenditure of women and men of normal weight by around 50 kilocalories. In people who are overweight, this effect is slightly less with 10 to 30 kilocalories, but is still significant. This was proven by a follow-up study with overweight, middle-aged subjects.

Fountain of youth: drink enough water and lose weight!

Drinking is important

Drink enough
Do you want to lose weight? Then you have to drink water!

Water is essential for us, that much is certain. Find out why this is the case and how it can help you lose weight here.

Up to five kilos of fat tissue a year

These numbers are decisive when you think of larger quantities and longer periods of time. The Forum Drinking Water Association recommends consuming 1.5 to two liters of water a day and promises that even overweight people will spend up to 100 kilocalories more energy. Extrapolated to the year, this would correspond to an increase in energy consumption of more than 36,000 calories, which means up to five kilograms of fat tissue.

Stiftung Warentest gives preference to tap water.


Stiftung Warentest examined
Tap water is better than some mineral water

Mineral water instead of tap water? According to the latest tests by Stiftung Warentest, this is not always the better choice. Not even every second still mineral water tested can receive an overall rating of “good” in the test – some products are contaminated with germs.

Tap water at 22 degrees

There are two other interesting details about the study that make up the effect of losing weight: In the context of the study, the water was not given a bit chilled, but at a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. The scientists see a “thermogenic effect” here, which has an intensifying effect on calorie consumption.

In addition, it is once again expressly pointed out that tap water was used for the tests. Comparative experiments with a light saline solution only led to a far smaller effect. The increase in energy expenditure was just five percent for the overweight.

For our digestion: drinking enough and lots of other tricks

Woman showing heart shape with her hands in front of her belly

For good digestion
Bowel problems? These bad habits could be to blame

The gut has a major impact on our health and wellbeing. But some common habits can permanently damage it.

Don’t be afraid of water retention

Since especially women with weak connective tissue often suffer from annoying water retention in summer – if it gets too bad, a doctor should be consulted – here also the note: Drinking a lot helps against it! Our body only stores water when it fears a shortage. If there is enough water available, he prefers to use the fresh spring.

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