Tara Reid Now she’s striking back!

Tara Reid Now she's striking back!

Her skinny body is making headlines again. But instead of taking the criticism of her fans to heart, Tara Reid now railed against everyone.

Your body has been making headlines for years. But let’s be honest: What we actresses Tara Reid (39) showing in a bikini is really anything but beautiful. The former curves of the past have disappeared. Instead, you can almost count the bonesthat stand out with the American Pie actress. Sexy definitely looks different.

But when it comes to criticism is Miss Reid anything but reasonable. Recently the blonde worried with new shock photos for a stir and therefore had to listen to a lot both in the media and on social networks. Now Tara strikes back.

Criticism? No thanks!

“I don’t like the gossip papers on me to bully“, The actress defends herself on Twitter against the skinny criticism. Then she adds again: “Die Image editing on the photos is not true. I’m just a skinny girl and I eat very well! This is old news! “

That the images that are in circulation are primarily their own Instagram photos Tara doesn’t seem to care. Also the worried comments from their fans leave the 39-year-old cold. Instead she rages Happy against all and everyone who too only the slightest criticism expresses on her skinny body.

Yes, it takes a while for Tara to bring herself to add one more oil and to strike softer notes. “I am human and I have feelings. Accept me for who I am. I am very sensitive to this Bullying is very painful and makes me sad, ”she chirps.

Does Tara still take the worried words of her fans to heart? We are excited.

In the video: Tara Reid is so proud of her XXS body!

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