TCM diet Diet trend from China: This is behind the Yin and Yang diet

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In China, people traditionally rely on many natural therapies and a special way of life. This also applies to nutrition. You can find out what exactly the Yin and Yang diet is and how it works here.

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang stand for two opposing forces that also play a major role in the yin and yang diet.

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Yin and Yang nutrition: that’s behind it

As the online magazine “” reports, the Yin and Yang diet is about the right balance in the body. This should be achieved through a certain diet that restores harmony in the body. The Yin and Yang diet uses findings from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for this.

The basis of the yin and yang diet is the division of food into two groups. Yang stands for warmth and Yin for cold. Meat, fish and dried fruit are assigned to the cold. Vegetables and most types of fruit represent warmth. The most important thing about the yin and yang diet is that your food should always consist of a balance between warmth and cold.

Neither yin nor yang should dominate when putting together meals. In addition, so-called neutral foods are the basis for all dishes. These include, among other things, carrots, legumes or cereals.

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This is how you can lose weight with the yin and yang diet

The yin and yang diet will make you lose weight because healthy, fresh foods are the main ingredients, such as fish, lean meat and lots of vegetables. This automatically lowers the calorie balance.

You don’t need to be strict about the amount of food you eat with the yin and yang diet. The portion size plays a subordinate role as long as there is a balance between cold and warm foods. That means you eat until you are full. If you want to lose weight, you should still make sure that you do not eat more than your body uses in energy.

Has the Yin and Yang Diet been scientifically proven to be effective?

No, the effectiveness of a yin and yang diet to lose weight has not yet been proven by researchers. However, you should definitely lose a few pounds on a Yin and Yang diet, because the composition of the food is generally healthy and low in calories.

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