Tea (or coffee) time!

Tea (or coffee) time!

It is already 5 pm and nothing better than a nice tea – or coffee! If there’s one thing I love, it’s leaving the table or even the super beautiful tray to enjoy this delicious moment. On a daily basis it is clear that we cannot stop everything to have tea, but we have many options of beautiful portable cups!
Look at the selection of cups, cups, mugs and teapots I made:

Ceramic cups


Photo 1 – Collector 55 / Photo 2 – Anthropology / Photo 3 – Uatt?

The ceramic cups are great for the daily rush. Need to rush out to a meeting or to college? Ready, take your tea or coffee in one of these! I’m sure you’ll still hear lots of compliments! My favorite is Anthropologie – how can you not love it?



Photo 1 – Tania Bulhões / Photo 2 – Anthropology / Photo 3 – Collector 55

The cups have a whole charm! Even the white ones are charming and make our table much more beautiful! The colored ones are also great. Super cool and modern, they combine a lot with a cooler decoration.

Coffee Mugs


Photo 1 – Ali Express / Photo 2 – Urban Outfitters / Photo 3- Anthropology

Coziness! Nothing better than sitting on the couch or even at the office table with a mug like that! Big and beautiful, it makes you want to drink coffee all the time just to have it there by your side. In winter then, there is nothing better than having that tea under the covers.



Photo 1 – Urban Outfitters / Photo 2 – Anthropology / Photo 3 – Urban Outfitters

Coffee makers, teapots and kettles can also be beautiful! Forget the plastic filter and serve the fresh coffee in a porcelain one. Sugar and milk can also be served together – especially if you have a beautiful game like this from Anthopologie! The colorful kettle is also amazing!

Ready for breakfast?

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