Teff flakes The new superfood!

Teff flakes The new superfood!

Gluten-free and full of nutrients: dwarf millet from Ethiopia is the new miracle grain.

A new star among the superfoods is currently making a career. It’s called teff and is the smallest grain among the sweet grasses. About 150 teff grains correspond to one grain of wheat. The homeland of this type of grain is Ethiopia, where it has been cultivated for around 6,000 years and is one of the most important staple foods. It tastes slightly nutty and sweet.

Why teff is so healthy

As tiny as the grains are, they are full of power. Because they are roughly the size of poppy seeds, they cannot be peeled. Teff, which is available as white, red or black grain depending on the variety, is therefore always whole grain. The grain is rich in protein and the minerals calcium, magnesium and iron. For example, 100 grams of teff cover the daily iron requirement.

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The fact that this type of cereal is gluten-free, in particular, makes it an ideal substitute for flour for anyone who cannot tolerate gluten. After all, wheat, rye etc. contain gluten, which can lead to unpleasant symptoms and intestinal inflammation in people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

Why teff is so popular

Flour, flakes or whole grains – teff is extremely versatile. As flakes or grains, it rounds off salads, fruit salads or muesli and can be cooked to a porridge. As a flour, it proves to be a worthy substitute for cereals containing gluten because it has excellent baking properties such as elasticity. Baking pizza, cakes or cookies, no problem with this all-rounder!

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