Tell me who you are and I will tell you which Yoga to practice

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Choosing the right Yoga club in Paris seems like a puzzle to you? Follow the advice of our addict who has tried them all!

If you are, like me, curious about trying a Yoga class but don’t know where to turn, this article is for you! Rather hyperactive, creative or lover of ultimate relaxation, you will inevitably find your happiness in one of these five rooms …

Yoga impresses. On Instagram, it’s impossible to miss these naiads who pose upside down and feet in the air in the position of headstand or bent in half in the bridge posture. Before getting there, it is important to understand that Yoga is above all an inner quest and above all a very personal practice. Finding the right course for you will be key to thriving. So, follow the guide!

I’m rather … athletic

I recommend Episod.
The premium gym chain Episod (we say ” hub »At home) grows all over Paris. From Place de Clichy to Place de la Nation via République, these minimalist studios offer a whole bunch of Yoga classes at very convenient times for those hard at work (before 8 a.m., after 8 p.m., on the lunch break. ) provided by a squad of over-trained and inspiring teachers. For the more athletic, I recommend Power Vinyasa classes, a hardcore version of Vinyasa Flow.

We do inversions, postures on the hands and chanturangas one leg in the air at a sustained pace … enough to raise the temperature and cardio! But fear not. For the more novice, Hatha Yoga classes are ideal for learning the basics. Those of Vinyasa prepare for Power. For in-depth relaxation, try Yin Yoga, a practice where you work the fascia and joints with a lot of postures held between 3 and 5 minutes.

Olivia Courbis in Yoga posture at Episod Paris
Credit: Albin Durand

I’m more of a … dancer

I recommend Bromance Paname.
If you are afraid of not hanging on to the spiritual songs of the most traditional Yoga classes, I strongly advise you to go to Bromance Paname. In a brand new studio (they have just moved) and super stylish, the lessons are linked. I rush to those of Hip Hop Yoga, with Aurélie.

To the rhythm of Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar or 50cents hits, you combine a dynamic flow that flirts with a series of dance steps. You learn Yoga without even realizing it… The best way to let go.

The Bromance Panama studio where Hip Hop Yoga classes are held

I’m rather … spiritual

I recommend a Kundalini Yoga class with Lili Barbery or Odile Chabrillac.
If dynamic Yoga has been popular for a while, the more spiritual Yogas are beginning to be talked about. Lily Barbery and Odile Chabrillac (to name a few) offer Kundalini Yoga classes. This is a practice that promises to be talked about a lot in 2020! Strictly speaking, less physical (we are often seated or even lying down), the Kundalini is no less trying. We sometimes hold the positions for more than 7 minutes!

The idea lies in an immobility associated with a particular breath that raises an energy, that of the Kundalini, nestled in the base of the spine. With great reinforcements of mantra chants (positive affirmations in Sanskrit), a Kundalini class is a unique experience from which we do not emerge the same.
(Reservation for Lili’s classes on the Mindbody app, search for “Lili Barbery”. For Odile’s classes, go to her site).

Lily Barbery practicing Kundalini yoga on a rooftop in Paris
Credit: Lili Barbery-Coulon

I’m rather … broke (and lazy)

I recommend OLY Be.
With OLY Be, it’s impossible not to get up from your sofa. The Parisian start-up, launched in 2015, now offers yoga classes Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar… but also meditation and Pilates. All over Paris, 7 days a week and over a wide range of schedules. We reserve a slot in two clicks and for a minimum price (8 €). Hop! all that remains is to put on his outfit and slip away, his rug under his arm.

The little extra: there are so many teachers and places that OLY Be seems to me to be an excellent way to explore your tastes and your needs, to finally discover which Yogi or which Yogini is hiding in you …

Oly Be Paris Asanas Group lesson relaxation vinyasa iyengar hatha
Credit: Camille Betinyani Chacur

Yoga, I am rather… a bit of all that!

I recommend TIHHY with Clotilde Chaumet.
The trendiest of sports teachers, Clotilde Chaumet, as comfortable on her bike at Dynamo (indoor cycling) as in the one-handed crow pose, gives Yoga classes combining spirituality, physical intensity and good music. In an unusual setting, in the heart of the superb building of the Lafayette Anticipations foundation designed by the starchitect Rem Koolhaas, the young woman provides all the courses marked TIHHY (Very Intense Hip Hop Yoga). Spirit, movement and Hip Hop become one.

Clotilde Chaumet at TIHHY Yoga at Galerie Layettes Anticipations

Bonus Yoga: I’m more of an adventurer

Finally, I recommend a Yoga retreat organized by the Yogascope.
Fuerteventura, Ibiza, Ericeira… the Yogascope takes his Yoga mats wherever the sun shines. For an initiation weekend or a week of immersion, the French start-up takes Yoga on a journey thanks to the best Parisian teachers. Once there, we don’t take care of anything. We let ourselves live according to the organization with small onions concocted by Lea and Sarah. Choosing to go with the Yogascope is to bet on letting go and forgetting yourself in your practice. An extraordinary experience …

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