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One of the holiday promises that many people make is to try to be healthier. Try, because it is very difficult to eat with “natural” products from the supermarket, such as whole grain breads that have more white flour than whole flour, cereal bars full of sugar, foods that are not what they seem to be… It’s complicated. And for those who have allergies, then? Gluten, lactose, soy, which products have the exact amount of ingredients on the labels? Only if we had a device that, just by pointing at the food, showed everything. Oops, wait a minute.
Due to a very serious disease (Aspergillus Penicillium) that affected her 14-year-old daughter, Isabel Hoffman thought of a way to help other people to know what is really on our plates. The daughter’s disease has numerous symptoms and one of them is gluten intolerance. Together with his friend Stephen Watson, he developed TellSpec, a device smaller than a cell phone and capable of recognizing the ingredients of a product (even industrialized ones!) And even pointing out the amount of calories in it.
The device indicates chemical and allergenic components, too, and the revolution is because all the information is sent to your smartphone. Who knew, euzinha, writing on a spectometer that offers information from the amount of protons in the food. I swore that this kind of thing only happened in science fiction films …
Anyway, TellSpec has a website, Facebook, Twitter and institutional video. The goal is for it to start circulating in August 2014, with an average cost of ~ just ~ $ 350, $ 400. The initial budget for carrying out the project is being made over the internet and there are two days left to contribute. So far, the team has raised $ 276,371 USD.
Would you like a TellSpec? Do you think it would work? Comment down here, I want to know your opinion ?

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