Ten reasons why you won’t lose weight automatically with a low-carb diet

Ten reasons why you won't lose weight automatically with a low-carb diet

A diet that contains as few carbohydrates as possible is a real miracle cure for getting rid of belly fat. But losing weight doesn’t always work out as expected. Why, do you read here …

A low-carb diet – in which low-carbohydrate foods are specifically consumed – is considered an effective means of weight loss. But the desired effect is not always achieved. This can have numerous causes, which often interact in complex ways. Nutrition expert Kris Gunnars explains the most common and most important reasons for this on the “healthline.com” website.

Speaking of low-carb: In fact, with this nutritional concept, you can even eat pizza – made from cauliflower. We’ll show you a recipe in the following video …

Low carb recipe cauliflower pizza

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These reasons can prevent you from really losing weight

1. You don’t lose what you want.

Many people notice measurable weight loss, especially in the first week of a low carb diet – but the fat deposits remain. And over time, weight loss can stagnate again, which leads many to give up prematurely. The reason for this: The weight loss in the first few days mainly consists of stored water. The fat reserves are broken down much more slowly – which requires patience. If you stick with it, you can celebrate long-term success.

2. You have stress.

Chronic stress can be a real diet killer. The main reason for this is the stress hormone cortisol. It inhibits fat burning and can also lead to food cravings. And the calories that you tried to save yourself are already taken up again.

3. You don’t get enough sleep.

The problem here is basically the same as with the subject of stress, because both factors are often related. A lack of sleep also increases the cortisol level – with the corresponding undesirable consequences.

Good to know: A study has confirmed that low carb is the most popular diet in Germany. Here you can read the reasons for it …

Young woman eats fruit with yogurt outdoors

Low Carb Or Fasting?
These are the most popular diets in Germany

More and more Germans want to live healthily and eat a balanced diet. Losing weight is part of it, because more than half of all German citizens weigh too much. But which diets are particularly popular?

4. You are not eating the right thing.

A low carb diet shouldn’t just consist of cutting out carbohydrates. It’s also important to replace these with the right nutrients. Gunnars especially recommends foods with healthy fats such as fish, vegetables or avocados.

5. You consume too many dairy products.

Dairy products contain only a few carbohydrates, but all the more protein. Consuming protein stimulates the body to produce insulin, which in turn, like cortisol, inhibits fat burning.

6. You are not moving enough.

Anyone who wants to lose weight should also be physically active. Even moderate but regular workouts such as training with light weights, cardio training or light running stimulate the metabolism, support fat burning and help break down fat while muscle mass grows at the same time.

7. You eat too much “healthy” sugar.

Even those who do without refined industrial sugar can fall into the carbohydrate trap with “healthy” sugar. Because even sweet alternatives such as honey or fructose are real carb bombs.

So that low carb is also delicious: Here you will find the best recipes.

Low carb recipe banana pancakes

Low carb recipes
Lose weight with low carb: these are the most delicious recipes!

Do you need to shed your last excess pounds before your beach vacation, and preferably without giving up any goodies? Then try a low-carbohydrate diet – in short: low carb.

8. You eat too many meals.

According to Gunnars, the trend of eating many small meals throughout the day is rather not recommended for a low carb diet. He advocates the classic breakfast, lunch and dinner scheme. And he recommends taking a fast every now and then. How often is left to the individual decision.

9. You are consuming too many calories.

Switching to a low carb diet doesn’t mean that you automatically reduce your calorie intake. However, if you take the above-mentioned recommendation to heart and base your diet plan mainly on fish, vegetables and fruit, you are usually on the safe side when it comes to calories.

10. Your expectations are too high.

A low carb diet has a different effect on everyone. And some people commit diet sins without even realizing it – as the trap with “healthy” sugar shows. In addition, losing weight is not a linear process. Sometimes the hoped-for success is a long time coming and the motivation flutters. But then patience is required. If you heed the tips mentioned, you should reach your desired weight sooner or later.

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