Textured Wall

Textured Wall

Anyone who wants to transform the environment without a renovation like that can bet on changing the wall. Pictures, wallpapers and many incredible coverings make all the difference in the decoration.
In addition to the colors and patterns, you can bet on models with relief. The result is very modern and super unusual!

Photo – The House My Grandma Wanted

After getting convinced by such a wall comes the most difficult part: choosing the best flooring! But don’t worry, I separated my favorites to help you:



Photo 1 – Elevato / Photo 2 – Portinari porcelain tile (Color Cement Line)

Nowadays porcelain tiles have gained several versions. One of my favorites is the 3D textured, because it gives an incredible movement on the wall. A good idea I had looking at the reference images is to use pieces of various colors. Thus, in addition to the relief, porcelain tiles become almost a work of art in the environment!



Photo 1 – Concreto da Castelatto (Origami) / Photo 2 – Casa Claudia

The concrete and cement based coatings are great options for those who enjoy a very modern and urban decoration. The graphics are incredible in the environment and yet super cozy!

Wood inserts and plates


Photo 1 – Hatria Revestimentos (Novara Line, model 049) / Photo 2 – Wood Mosaic Filete Teca Lisa

The wood that is a super traditional element in the decoration gains a new and modern look, right? Use mosaic tiles or tiles of different widths to give this beautiful effect. You can also place it on only part of the wall, it becomes a type of panel!
How about giving the house a makeover?

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