TH Manufacture on the roofs of Paris

Maarten Baptist th manufacture

For the shooting of its new products, TH Manufacture moved to a high-perched apartment with a 360 ° terrace.

I followed the team to discover, approach the products and appreciate the view.

I love Paris and mainly its rooftops as far as the eye can see. Because with high buildings of only 6 floors it is easy to see the horizon. So every – good – excuse to get high on my city is accepted. Today it was to spy on the product shots of a French publisher.

TH Manufacture and the roofs of Paris

We have an appointment in the heart of the second arrondissement of Paris. We found ourselves at the foot of an industrial style building. It was indeed an old factory. After taking the elevator, and walking the last two floors, admiring the view, I had no more words.

In short, this apartment was magnificent. And I tell myself that with such a place, my scenographies would be more spectacular. Then, I return to my modular apartment, my eyes full of stars.

Paris view from terrace clemaroundthecorner
th manufacture shooting roofs of paris
coupe th manufacture steel vessel
roofs of paris clemaroundthecorner
montmatre and roofs of paris clemaroundthecorner
th Jean-Baptiste CEAUX factory
backstage shooting the roofs of paris
th manufacture tripod design glass
th manufacture know-how
shooting collection th manufacture

TH Manufacture

The publishing house was founded by Jean-Baptiste Ceaux in 2013.

Former banker, ex-expatriate in Hong-Kong then in London, Jean-Baptiste wears TH Manucture at arm’s length but above all from the bottom of his heart. Indeed, his adventure began following the questioning of a career where one is too far from reality. He then passed his CAP as a ceramic turner. And here he is advocating the authenticity, the beauty of the know-how and the luxury of the craftsmanship. He thus became an editor via TH Manufacture.

He collaborates with different designers: Maarten Baptist, Jeanne Bonnefoy-Mercuriali, Leslie David, Umut Demirel, Aurélie Dorard, Eric Hibelot and Jules Julien who all share this philosophy.

The products are made where they were designed: in Burgundy or Limousin, Istanbul or Yemen. He then favors short supply chains in order to master each stage of production. Th Manufacture offers everyday products to which care has been taken worthy of the greatest houses.

th Jean-Baptiste CEAUX factory
th manufacture three-legged design glass
light on Paris sunset
clemaroundthecorner yellow sun
light on Paris sunset
light on Paris sunset

If you enjoyed this shoot, find TH Manufacture products on the Made In Design website.

Photo © Clem Around The Corner.

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