Thanksgiving Sonnet

Thanksgiving Sonnet

You can’t get anywhere by yourself, other than loneliness. Therefore, I take this moment and space to express the gratitude that each of the ICKFD team has to you who accompanies our work. Without you none of this would happen!

I think that gratitude is not a solemn conclusion of a good fact that has happened, but a joyful way to invite the continuation of good things in life. A teacher of mine already said: “Thank you not only opens doors, but keeps them open”.

Of course, I will not fail to connect this feeling with our love for confectionery. One of the most common celebrations in the world is the birthday. Celebrating life and fellowship with your friends and family is a time of gratitude and happiness. Hence a confectionery product as an indispensable factor in this ceremony: the birthday cake. It is up to the first slice of it to be dedicated as proof of love and thanks to someone very special, so this post is dedicated to you, people like the people who Could Kill for Dessert!

For your affection, for the beauty of so many replicated recipes, for being in one way or another, present in special moments at your table and life, for actively participating, accompanying, giving an opinion, enjoying and sharing, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Thanksgiving Sonnet

  • First, thank you I want;
  • The space in this garden of beautiful flowers.
  • I have spent a lot of time there, I see the care;
  • Each one, in beautiful shapes and colors.
  • I come from here, I hope so;
  • To be able to bring more flavors to each one;
  • And some other things. “Hitting a lero”;
  • Exchange knowledge, share love.
  • Recipes, information, tips, beauty;
  • People, gastronomy, hugs a thousand;
  • “I could kill for dessert.”
  • Beautiful people, people from all over Brazil:
  • We meet online and at the table;
  • Thank you very much, people that Could Kill!

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