The 10 best breakfasts in the world

The 10 best breakfasts in the world

I wish all meals were breakfast, see? If there’s one thing I love about life, it’s eating well in the morning wherever I am! As travel and good food are my two passions, I decided to share with you the 10 most delicious places I’ve ever had breakfast in my life <3
I tried to put several different countries on that list, but I couldn’t resist and I had to put two brasucas in the selection. Aah, it is worth making it clear that there is no order of preference, everyone is equally wonderful!

Padoca do Maní – Sao Paulo

Well, people, I decided to start talking about the city I live in! São Paulo has excellent options for a delicious breakfast, but I must confess that the latter at Padoca do Maní left me ecstatic, haha ​​? There you will find several options, some very large that can be easily shared. This time, I chose the Padoca that comes with scrambled egg, several rolls, dripped coffee, yogurt with granola, jam, butter and even a little orange juice – UFA!
Besides the food being delicious, the place is cute and very cozy. Having a nice coffee outside the house is a great idea to get out of the routine a little bit, right? I will definitely return here again and again!

Das Stue – Berlin (Germany)

Of course, I wouldn’t let a wonderful hotel cafe go by! On our last trip to Berlin, Paulo and I abused the stewardship and ordered an incredible coffee in the Das Stue hotel room! This option is heavier than the previous one, but equally delicious: fried eggs, bacon, coffee, lots of jams, juice … This is one of those breakfasts that really support you, almost like lunch!

The Mas de la Fouque – Provence (France)

I can’t help talking about France, right? On our trip through Provence, Le Mas de la Fouque surprised us absurdly with breakfast! The egg was divine, even more delicious with a brown bread – it makes your mouth water just to remember! The selection of seasonal fruits, jellies and juices also left nothing to be desired, see?

Intelligentsia Coffee – Los Angeles (USA)

We have known this cafeteria for over a year and it is one of the best in Los Angeles – in my opinion, of course. In the United States I always have a hard time finding stronger coffees and it was super easy to find there. They have a huge variety of coffees of origin and have the highest precision when it comes to passing coffee – exact measurements and timed time! In addition to the strained coffee I love, the bakery part also surprised me – the pain au chocolat and the buttermilk scone with blueberry are incredible!

Espresso Hug – New York (USA)

This place is one of my favorite continents in New York. In addition to the name already bringing that warmth, I was completely delusional by the banana cake with chocolate drops, it is super soft and delicious! They also have a good variety of beans, well worth a visit!

Shop – Amsterdam (Netherlands)

What about the best apple pie I’ve ever eaten? Well it’s people, it was right here that I ate this delight! The coffee is delicious, they have several incredible sweets, but nothing in the world will surpass this pie. I’m sure that whoever comes here to have a nice breakfast will not regret it!

Café Mocha – Reykjavík (Iceland)

This café is the darling of the capital of Iceland and is no wonder. In addition to the coffees being super tasty, whoever goes there can’t help asking for the famous waffle – the recipe for this delight is super secret, a family secret! There they also have several sweets typical of the country, irresistible in the morning!

Bread and Ideas – Paris (France)

Paris is known for its tradition in confectionery and bakery, isn’t it? I’m sure that at every corner you will find a delicious place, but after a lot of experimenting I say that Du Pain Et Des Idées is my favorite! Everything around here is definitely worth it, without a doubt one of the best places in the world to eat – seriously. Any bread or puff pastry is a good choice, but if it were to indicate something it would be CApple shrug or the Friends Bread.

The St. Regis Istanbul – Istanbul (Turkey)

This was one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in, and certainly a crucial point for this place to make my list of favorites was because of the food! The variety that they offer for breakfast surprised me a lot, it has everything: dumplings, breads, fresh honey, fruit, yogurt, granola… It’s delicious !!

Casa Bobô – Boipeba

Since I opened the selection with a Brazilian bakery, nothing better than closing the list with a breakfast from here! My vacation trip to Boipeba earlier this year was incredible, one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The inn we stayed in is called Casa Bobô and the coffee there was simply amazing! The fruits were all fresh, the strained coffee was delicious, the jams were super tasty… It is just that café, you know? Wonderful!
So, is breakfast also your favorite meal? Tell us here in the comments where you had the best coffee of life, I’m already dying to know more delicious places!

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