The 10 Best Decorating and Kitchenware Stores in New York
The 10 best decorating and kitchenware stores in new york

The 10 Best Decorating and Kitchenware Stores in New York

You must imagine how much I love kitchen utensils and decorative items, right? I love choosing new things for home and I always try to visit stores during my travels to help me renovate the environments.
Thinking about it, I separated the 10 best home parts stores in New York! Ah, one of the reasons why I chose New York in particular is because the stores there are more modern and have very different things from Brazil ?

Crate and Barrel

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Whenever I go to Crate and Barrel I end up buying several things, it is inevitable! They sell pieces for kitchen, living room, bedroom, outdoor environments, among other things, that is, the variety is huge. My purchases at that store were really thick straws for milkshakes, you know? I also took two wooden boards and a kit with several cloths.
The selection of products is incredible and I am sure you will fall in love with many of them.


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Anthropologie sells very cute pieces, very similar to the ones we see on Pinterest. The store is super complete: it sells clothes, beauty products, home items. The unit I visited in New York is at Chelsea Market and I found a lot of cool stuff there.
This is one of my favorite stores and I never miss it when I travel! Despite their face, their curation is impeccable and it is practically impossible not to find the Anthropologie incredible!


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Williams-Sonoma is a little more chic, but with the price still affordable and worth it for the quality. I love this store because they offer very varied products for the kitchen and everything is very, very beautiful! As the their focus is on kitchen utensils, you are likely to find even some very specific pieces there.

On the table

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Imagine a big store full of cute appliances and kitchen utensils. This is Sur La Table! The store’s strong point is the products aimed at the culinary world, so, for me, the place is a true paradise. In addition to the different products, the selected brands are very diverse so that customers have even more options.

TJ Maxx

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TJ Maxx is that type of store that sells a little of everything for a great price! It is a great option if you want to save money, because the prices are really promotional.
The decor and kitchen items are cute and you can find well-known brands at super low prices. Even if you haven’t been traveling to buy things, stop by this store because you won’t regret it!

Bed, bathroom and more

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You know those things that you never thought existed or that you needed them, but when you see them for the first time you never give up? That’s the kind of thing you find at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
They sell a multitude of products for the home and they are all very modern, wonderful and functional! This store is one of my favorites because, besides the products are incredible, they are also not expensive.

Fishs Eddy

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The Fishs Eddy differential is the vintage feature present in most pieces. The products are not expensive and the pieces are very cute, with very original and contemporary prints. If you like decor items and kitchen utensils with an “older” and yet modern style, you will love this store!

Household Goods

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HomeGoods is a huge and very cheap store! Prices are as cheap as those of TJ Maxx, but this store is specifically geared towards household items and decorative items.
It is one of those stores where you spend hours looking at the products, even if you don’t buy anything, because they are all beautiful. As the values ​​are good and they sell very cool brands, I recommend that you visit at least one of the HomeGoods units.

Pier 1 Imports

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With very varied products and affordable prices, Pier 1 Imports is another store that deserves at least one visit! A really cool side of it is that in special seasons like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Halloween, they sell very themed pieces.

The Container Store

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For those who love organization, The Container Store will be a doom, I swear! The store is completely focused on pieces that help tidy up every room in the house. There are several boxes, pots, iron structures, baskets and other practical utensils that make your home even more beautiful.
I made a video of shopping in New York showing what I bought in some of these stores, so if you want to watch it just click here! Did you like the stores I mentioned? If you know any more comment below aqui

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