The 10 Best Hotels in the Douro Valley
The 10 best hotels in the douro valley

The 10 Best Hotels in the Douro Valley

It is nothing new for anyone that Portugal produces good wines. For those who like the drink, enjoying a good wine in the Portuguese lands ends up being an unforgettable experience. As the Douro Valley is one of the regions that most produces the drink in the country, many people add the destination to the itinerary to visit the farms and planting the vineyards.
In addition, this part of Portugal has some of the oldest and most beautiful wineries in the world – they are really charming landscapes. In order not to take the tours in a hurry and make the most of what the Douro has to offer, try to stay there for at least two days. A good hotel makes the trip even more incredible, so I will share with you the best in the region! Then, just choose which one you prefer and already guarantee the reservation ?

Six Senses

Photo: @ julien.lestrade

Six Senses is one of the most famous hotels in the Douro. It is a 5-star and super luxurious hotel, perfect for anyone looking for quiet accommodation and a wonderful location. It occupies a 19th century farmhouse, renovated and transformed to receive guests in the best possible way.
One of his main attractions is the services within the hotel. They have a spa, restaurants, great pools and even an organic garden. Ah, among the spa treatments, some of them are based on grapes and wine. It is worth the stay if you plan to take advantage of these services.

Douro Royal

Photo: @nocedanielle

The hotel that Paulo and I stayed at was the Douro Royal Valley. One of the things we liked most about it was the infinity pool that was just wonderful. In addition to being a super nice place, the Douro landscape seen from the pool was one of those that makes you sigh, you know?
Some of the hotel’s rooms also have views of the valley, and their size and comfort is great. The restaurant is also very good, specializing in traditional Portuguese food and with dishes for all tastes!

Vintage house

Photo: Disclosure

With a more classic and elegant decoration, Vintage House is also always among the most sought after options by people who plan to visit the Douro. The hotel has 50 rooms, all of which are super spacious and comfortable.
The outside of the hotel also does not disappoint: the pool has a beautiful view of the Douro River, as well as most of the accommodations in that region. The hotel’s two restaurants are also praised, serving mainly regional cuisine prepared with local ingredients.

Douro Scala

Photo: Disclosure via Booking

The Douro Scala is the ideal mix between modern and old. The hotel is inside a 15th century building, but its design is super modern and contemporary. It has 42 rooms, plus the presidential suite. The decoration of the accommodations is simple, but they do not leave the charm aside.
The Douro Museum is a 20-minute drive and this is also a good region for those who want to take a boat trip on the Douro River. If you want to have a relaxing experience, be sure to check out the hotel’s spa!

Quinta de S. Bernardo

Photo: Disclosure

Anyone who sees the rustic appearance of the outside of Quinta de S. Bernardo does not expect such a beautiful and modern environment when visiting the other parts of the place. The hotel is located in Mesão Frio and, behind its old façade, are super contemporary rooms and internal areas.
As a boutique hotel, they only have 7 rooms available – 5 of them with views of the Douro River. Their pool, although small, also has an infinite edge and the Douro landscape just ahead. Another attraction of the hotel for those who like to know a little about the local plantations, is the organic garden. They invite guests to visit the garden and explore the local agriculture.

Delfim Douro

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Another slightly simpler, but comfortable and cozy option is Delfim Douro. It sits on top of a mountain, so it has an incredible panoramic view of the region. The interior of the rooms has a more executive appearance, without many different decoration items, you know? Still, it is still without personality.
The hotel’s roof terrace, garden and pool are the spaces most used by guests when they want to rest for a while and enjoy the Douro for a few minutes. Ah, if you think about visiting Lamego or Peso da Régua, this is a good location.

Quinta do Vallado / Casa do Rio

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For those who enjoy quieter hotels and a little further away, Quinta do Vallado is perfect. They have only 6 rooms, all with beautiful views of the Douro. Its construction is mainly made of wood and the place where it was built gives the impression that the hotel is “suspended”.
The architecture is so different that it even received an award for “Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices” by the Best of Wine Tourism of 2016. His rooms are also cute, it’s worth taking a look at Booking and already guaranteeing your reservation ?

Douro 41

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It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like minimalist design, right? I’m passionate about this style and I find beautiful environments with this footprint more clean clean. If you also enjoy this type of decoration proposal, you will love staying at Douro41.
Their spa is also surreal. The pool is indoor and has a wonderful view of the Douro River. The hotel also offers some very interesting tour services, such as boat tours, hikes and even the Romanesque route, which is a tour of the monuments of this style in the region.

Quinta do Bosque

Photo: Disclosure via Booking

If you are looking for a cheaper option, but still in a beautiful and super tasty environment, you can now guarantee your reservation at Quinta do Bosque. When compared to Six Senses, for example, Quinta do Bosque is very simple and without very luxurious environments.
However, this does not mean that it is a good option. On the contrary, this hotel is praised both for its comfort and also for its location, about 10 km from Lamego. The hotel staff is very welcoming and you will feel very welcome there ?

Quinta de Casaldronho

Photo: Disclosure

Quinta de Casaldronho is one of the best located hotels in the region. It is right in the center of the Douro and has an incredible view of the river and the Peso da Régua valley. Oh, and if you’re curious about getting to know an olive tree, just visit the hotel’s plantation. They produce their own oil!
All rooms are very cozy, but if you want an even more different space, book the suites. All of them have a panoramic view of the Douro. Their restaurant is also amazing, promoting the flavors of everyday life in an elegant kitchen that works with local products.
Do you already have your favorite hotel? If so, tell me here! Be sure to comment on other accommodation options if you know any corner that I ended up leaving off the list ?

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