The 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

The 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

The first things that everyone thinks of when someone mentions Las Vegas are the casinos and the intense nightlife. These two characteristics summarize the city, but the gastronomic options of the region are also worth mentioning. Vegas concentrates a large number of luxurious restaurants and several chefs known worldwide. After all, we couldn’t expect less from a place with such ostentation, right?
However, it is always good to be careful not to go into restaurants that are just beautiful, because the food can disappoint you. Thinking about it, I selected 10 places to make an amazing meal and I will share with you what they are. If you are planning a trip there, be sure to add one of them to the itinerary ?

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés

The 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

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The Bazaar Meat By José Andrés is a must for anyone who loves meat. The restaurant has a very refined and elegant atmosphere, but nothing too exaggerated. Even though it is recognized mainly for red meats, the menu prepared by chef José Andrés has other options such as oysters and mussels.
Some dishes are very unusual and worth a try if you are open to new experiences. One of the most different is the foie gras served with fresh cotton candy – a different and unusual combination.

And Pho

The 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

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If you want to taste Vietnamese cuisine, be sure to go to Le Pho. Their food is delicious and the atmosphere is very cool and cozy. The place does not have a very ostentatious decoration and follows a casual line, so it is a good option for those who want to vary a bit of luxurious spaces.
As the name suggests, one of the main dishes of the house is pho, a typical Vietnamese soup. They offer the traditional option with meat, but also a vegetarian version made with vegetables. Soup is a good way to have a first contact with this type of cuisine, and then try the other dishes on the menu.

Joel Robuchon

The 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

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Despite being a very expensive restaurant, eating at Joël Robuchon is an incredible experience. The place offers the best of French cuisine on the tasting menu. Among the dishes that are part of the chef’s choices are truffled crawfish ravioli with foie gras sauce and a sea urchin tart with mashed potatoes and coffee foam.
The ingredients are of high quality and most of them are not foods that we eat on a daily basis, you know? It’s like discovering a new universe of flavors, especially if you don’t have a lot of contact with French cuisine.

Bardot Brasserie

The 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

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Bardot Brasserie is a little piece of France in Las Vegas. Paulo and I had brunch on site and the portions, as you can imagine, were very well served. If you are going to eat there between breakfast and lunch, I recommend the Benedictine eggs on top of the puff pastry, along with avocado and spinach.
Another attraction of the place is the wine list and champagnes that accompany the dishes on the menu very well. The restaurant has a more classic style in both decoration and dishes, so it is a good place for those who do not want to dare to choose. To know the full menu of the restaurant just click here!


The 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

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Another very luxurious restaurant in Las Vegas is Sage. One of his differentials is that chef Shawn McClain uses super fresh products, coming from artisanal and sustainable producers. The restaurant’s proposal is simple, tasty cuisine with seasonal ingredients.
In addition, the chef has created two tasting menu options, one of which is specially designed for vegans. That is, it has a dish for all tastes and styles of food. For those who are vegetarian or vegan it is wonderful that the place already has a special menu prepared, as in most cases this does not happen.


The 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

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Raku is the ideal place to enjoy good Japanese food. What makes the restaurant special is the use of the Robatayaki style of cuisine. In this type of preparation, meats, seafood and vegetables are prepared on a plate that is visible to customers. In addition to grilled foods, on the menu you will also find agedashi tofu, miso soup, udon noodles with foie gras and several other Asian specialties.


The 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

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Opened recently, Sparrow + Wolf Chinatown has won more and more customers. The menu made by chef Brian Howard is innovative and creative, mixing various styles of cuisine and types of ingredients.
To give you an idea of ​​this fusion of cultures in one place, I will mention three of the dishes on the menu. The first is the duck breast with foie gras, mushrooms and broth made from the animal’s bones. Second, Turkish maitake mushroom hummus with chili cascabel and, finally, Chinese sausage served with mushrooms and hollandaise sauce. Because it has a very different variety of dishes, it’s hard not to find something you like ?

Lotus of Siam

The 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

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Unlike the vast majority of restaurants in Vegas, the Lotus of Siam does not have such an exquisite atmosphere and full of decorations. The place is based on Thai cuisine, so you will find several strange names on the menu. In the special dishes section, selected by chef Saipin Chutima, there are several typical dishes from the country. One is Koi Soy, a type of tartar prepared with ground beef, fresh herbs, lemon juice and spice sauce.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire

The 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

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With a modern and elegant decor, the Twist menu features the most popular dishes of French cuisine. It is inside the Hotel Mandarin Oriental, on the 23rd floor. That is, in addition to having incredible food, the view of Vegas makes everything even more special.
The chef responsible for preparing the dishes is Pierre Gagnaire. As in Sage, they have two types of tasting menu, one of which is entirely vegetarian. For those who want to spend less and order just one dish, they have great options on the à la carte menu, such as the roasted lamb terrine with polenta, lemon confit and oriental broth.


The 10 Best Las Vegas Restaurants

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Even though I already talked about other restaurants with Japanese food in the post, I couldn’t leave Nobu out. Chef Nobu Matushisa has lived in Peru for three years and this has greatly influenced the way he cooks, so it is interesting to know Asian food from his perspective.
One of the most requested dishes there is black cod, a super important fish in Japan. They prepare the dish with sweet and sour miso broth that leaves the fish full of flavor. Another successful menu option is the yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño!
It is important to remember that Vegas is a busy region for almost the entire year. For this reason, some of the restaurants end up getting crowded. My tip is that you book your place before you travel, so that you can already guarantee a meal in at least one of these places ?

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