The 12 Best Confectioneries in Porto
The 12 best confectioneries in porto

The 12 Best Confectioneries in Porto

It is impossible to travel to Portugal and not try at least five sweet delicacies typical of the country. The Portuguese desserts are delicious, the kind that make your mouth water just by looking at the windows of confectioneries and bakeries, you know? I know I’m a little suspicious to talk about it, since I love sweets, but they are really delicious.
I made a list with some confectioneries in Lisbon and I also received several tips from you from other interesting places to eat a good dessert. As we will also stop by Porto, I could not fail to choose some of the best pastry shops in the city to share with you ?

Bolhão Confectionery

Photo: @marco_fanuli

Starting the list with one of the most recommended stores in the city, Confeitaria do Bolhão! It was founded in 1986, so it is a very traditional and well-known space there. Despite being a popular place for tourists, locals also love the local desserts.
The variety of sweets is huge, both traditional in Portugal and those with international influence. Among the options that are usually always available are custard tarts, angel paps and egg chestnuts. If you want to try a new sweet, try the golfeado – a bread stuffed with cheese with a touch of cinnamon and anise.

Tavi – Confeitaria da Foz

Photo: Disclosure

Another very old confectionery in the city is Tavi – Confeitaria da Foz. Her atmosphere is more modern and the view from the store is incredible, so it’s worth going to see the place and try at least one of the sweets. They serve breakfast and light dishes, a good option is to eat something salty and then a very tasty dessert.
The bakery part of Tavi is also great, with very different bread styles. All kinds of snacks and sweets are on the site, to see just click here. Ah, as Tavi has a beautiful view of the sea, one of the best times to go to it is in the late afternoon, when the sun is setting.

Petulia Confectionery

Photo: @insatiablejourney

If you want to taste a delicious king cake made using a very traditional recipe just go to Confeitaria Petúlia. The store is so well known for this cake that at Christmas time city dwellers face lines to guarantee the sweet!
Among the other options of confectionery sweets are the pastel de nata, the Hungarian cookies and various cakes and tartlets with more common flavors, such as berries and chocolate. In a small part of the store you will also find great wines and chocolates for sale!

Dairy from Quinta do Paço

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The production of Leitaria da Quinta do Paço started in 1920, with milk, cheese, whipped cream and butter. The products began to have an even greater demand, which caused the owners to expand production and expand the variety of products in the store.
The differential of the sweets made there is the use of these homemade ingredients, making the flavors even more special and unique. One of the house specialties are eclairs, be sure to try one of them. They also sell berlin balls, showers, cakes and even cheesecakes. Everything is very beautiful and tasty, worth knowing ?

Bakery Ribeiro

Photo: @dasha_veselovskaya

Also a super traditional confectionery in Porto, Padaria Ribeiro has existed since 1878 and is one of the places with the greatest variety of sweets and snacks. The products are always very fresh and prepared with great care, using old and very classic recipes.
The tradition of product quality continues even after so many years and that is the secret of the place. To give you an idea of ​​the diversity of sweets and savory items in the bakery, I will mention some of the bestsellers: rice cakes, aviators, snails, pies and codfish balls. It has a little of everything and for all tastes.

Aliança Confectionery

Photo: TimeOut

Despite not being a confectionery well known by tourists, Confeitaria Aliança is one of the best in the city. It is very frequented by city residents, mainly because it is a very cozy space. The custard tarts and the Hungarian biscuits are the favorites of those who frequent the place. They serve a variety of savory options too, so it’s worth going there for a very tasty afternoon coffee.

Moura Confectionery

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With 125 years of tradition, Confeitaria Moura has two units in Porto and is one of those places full of classic Portuguese delicacies, all made by hand and with super familiar recipes. The pastry part of Moura is the best known among Portuguese and tourists.
The two stars of the house are, without a doubt, the Jesuits and the limes. In the case of the Jesuits, sweets are very common in Santo Tirso, another city in Portugal. However, if you don’t go to it and still want to taste this dessert full of flavor, you can be sure that you will love the one prepared at Confeitaria Moura.

Sweet Alto Confectionery

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Doce Alto is best known for making sweets by order, such as for birthdays, weddings and occasional parties. Still, she makes other delicious desserts. It has four units spread across Porto, that is, you just have to choose which one is closest to you.
Some of the sweets you will find in stores are the sponge cake, berlin balls and cupcakes, which are one of Doce Alto’s specialties. To see all the options of desserts and also savory just click here.

Oporto Confectionery

Photo: @ibanus_leniviy_blog

Oporto Confeitaria is one of the newest stores in the city’s confectionery business, but it has already become the favorite of many people. Like Doce Alto, many people go to it to order cakes and pastries for special occasions, but they also sell desserts at the store, which functions as a cafe. Pastéis de nata and bonbons are two of the specialties of the house, always fresh and full of flavor.

New Real Confectionery

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To eat some of the best sweets in the city, be sure to include Confeitaria Nova Real in the itinerary. Most of the recipes are all family based and the desserts are the ones that leave our hearts warm, you know? It is the type of place that makes us feel at home even though we are so far from our country.
They are super creative when preparing sweets and snacks, so you will find several very interesting products there. The ones that caught my attention the most were the carrot cheese, the chila puff pastry and the pear and walnut muffin. In addition to these, you will find very classic sweets, such as the Jesuits, rice cakes and berlin balls.

Confectionery Nandinha

Photo: @natasha_five

Some places already conquer us just by the smell of baked sweets and snacks and the showcase with various delicacies on display, right? Confeitaria Nandinha is exactly like that. It is one of the most traditional in Porto, open for almost 40 years! Entering it and asking for a single candy is practically impossible, because everything there has an incredible face.
The three best-selling products there are bolo-rei, glorinhas and Hungarians. That is, at least these three you will have to prove. Another beautiful sweet that is also delicious is filomena. It is the perfect combination of filo pastry, egg candy and almond.

Paparoca da Foz

Photo: @full_fat_ingham_

Last but not least, Paparoca da Foz. Like almost every other place on the list, it sells both sweet and savory. The sponge cake, cookies and croissants are some of the things that come out most, so they are always super fresh and tasty. The space is very small and simple, but it is worth taking a stroll to sample some typical Portuguese sweets.
As you may have noticed, there are many options around Porto, right? Be sure to also mention your recommendations! I’m reading all the tips from other posts about Portugal and loving your comments ?

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