The 5 Best Cameras to Take on Travel
The 5 best cameras to take on travel

The 5 Best Cameras to Take on Travel

To keep the best moments of a trip, we always take several photos as souvenirs. After all, it is super nice to look at the photos and videos of the tours after a while and remember each of the places and experiences.
Today, with smartphones full of functions, many people end up leaving other equipment for the trips. However, a good camera makes all the difference in the final result of the photos. If you are the type of person who cares about details like this, write down all these tips ?

without mirror

Photo: Lavender Vines

With interchangeable lenses and features equal to those of DSLR, the mirrorless cameras they are more compact and lighter. Its differential is in mechanics: they do not have mirrors and prisms inside, and the image capture is done directly by the sensor.
In addition to being smaller, the values ​​of this camera tend to vary a lot depending on the model and brand. That is, you can search for that version that fits in your pocket. Oh, and the videos recorded by her are also excellent!


Photo: Click and Learn

AN DSLR it is a more sophisticated camera with sensors and super advanced functions, so it ends up being bigger and heavier. For those looking for practicality, this is not the best option. However, if your intention is to take professional photographs, cameras like this are a good investment.
By having several options for manual adjustments, you have the option to better control the result of the photos, without making them extremely dark or light, for example. Just be careful not to be scared by the values! And remember that it will take some learning time to understand how the machine works.

Polaroids and Instax

Photo: @thesamanthachan

Like polaroids are the classic instant photos! Although the quality is not very high, it is super fun to take the photo on the spot and have it ready. Oh, and be sure to adjust the sensor on that camera too, okay? As much as polaroid is more of a joke, photography still needs to look pretty. Reserve the camera for the most special moments and enjoy ?

Compact cameras

Photo: @ camera.cult

Don’t you want to carry a lot of weight and not even a big equipment? Bet on a compact camera! They are super efficient and perfect for those who do not have a very advanced knowledge of photography. The manual functions, however, end up being left a little aside in this version. But, if you don’t mind taking pictures on the automatic, go ahead and guarantee this beauty.


Photo: Oliver Sjöström

I imagine that everyone has heard about GoPro at least once in their life. This camera became a fever for being super small and rendering amazing photos and videos. As it is much smaller than all other cameras, the GoPro it allows photos in very curious situations, such as trails, diving and surfing. Image quality is not always going to be the best, but they are still very interesting photographs.
What is your favorite photography equipment? And if you want inspirations for really neat photographs, be sure to check out the instagrams @nocedanielle and @paulocuenca!

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