The 5 Best Destinations for Those Who Love Sailing

The 5 Best Destinations for Those Who Love Sailing

Few sensations are as good as being on a boat watching the immensity of the sea and feeling the wind hit your face. Just imagining it makes you want to drop everything and relax in some very beach destination!
Although many people feel sick at sea, the experience of visiting a place with a boat or sailboat is unforgettable. So today we separate five incredible destinations for those who love sailing. Be sure to write down the tips and start thinking about possible routes ?


The 5 Best Destinations for Those Who Love Sailing

Photo: Juanita de Paola

Starting with a very obvious place, but one that could not fail to appear on the list. Capri is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and all this fame is not for nothing. The tonality of the sea and the typical houses of the region make the place look like a typical romantic film setting, you know?
To enjoy a more peaceful sailboat ride, the ideal is to escape the summer. It is at this time of year that the destination is surrounded by tourists, creating queues and overcrowding. If you have a longer travel time, take the opportunity to learn more about the Amalfi Coast.

San Blas

The 5 Best Destinations for Those Who Love Sailing
San Blas (Kuna Yala) it is the dream destination of every person who wants to travel to a paradisiacal place. The islands are little explored and it is a good escape from our busy and tiring routine.
As the accommodations there are very precarious, the best way to get to know Kuna Yala is by sailboat. For being a very eccentric destination, here on the site we already made some posts responding

questions about San Blas and giving tours tips over there. I bet you will be willing to get to know the region!

Mallorca and Menorca

The 5 Best Destinations for Those Who Love Sailing
Other wonderful destinations that are increasingly entering the

Wishlist Brazilian travel destinations are the islands of Mallorca and Menorca, in Spain. The destination is super relaxing and ideal for sailing trips very calm.
Oh, and as much as the values ​​get higher in the summer, this is one of the best times of the year to visit the islands. After all, you will want to take a dip in the sea and it will not be pleasant to swim in freezing water.

Greek islands

The 5 Best Destinations for Those Who Love Sailing

Photo: Sergii Gulenok

It is not news to anyone that Greece it is a country with many beautiful corners and full of charm. Therefore, the Greek islands deserve an honorable mention in the post. Mykonos and Santorini they are, of course, mandatory stops.
However, be sure to explore other areas and discover less touristy bits of the destination. Enjoy the freedom of being on the sailboat to create a very flexible itinerary! Many companies in the country are used to taking tours like this, so it is not at all complicated to book a trip like this.


The 5 Best Destinations for Those Who Love Sailing

Photo: Tom Grimbert

Finally, but as incredible as the other destinations, the Croatia! Even though it is not a destination so sought after by Brazilians, the country is full of enchanting landscapes. Couples who want to make a very romantic trip, for example, can bet on knowing the dalmatian coast being on a sailboat.
The region’s crystal clear water and biodiversity are just two of the many reasons to visit this place. Choose which cities you want to visit and see the best route to be traced so that the tour is unforgettable ?
Who loves boat trips there? Even generating very contradictory responses, it is impossible to deny that trips like this are positively surprising!

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