The 5 best drumsticks in São Paulo

The 5 best drumsticks in São Paulo

São Paulo is a stronghold of many cuisines from around the world. But, if there is one thing that is characteristic of the city, I would say that coxinhas from São Paulo! The fillings can be diverse. It all started with chicken, but there is cheese, pastrami, pepperoni, jackfruit, vegetables and even chocolate!
The 5 best drumsticks in São Paulo
There are several stories that try to prove the real origin of the coxinha. Some say it was invented to make the joy of Princess Isabel’s son, who loved the chicken leg part. For this reason, a delicacy would have been invented to imitate his preference.
Others say that the Portuguese they brought, influenced by French neighbors. The fact is that the origin is not Brazilian, but the one you eat at the bar is yes! After all, let’s agree, the coxinha can already be considered a historical heritage in Brazil!
Paulo went to check out 5 places very famous for their coxinhas and everything is listed and commented here. Take a look at the post and run to try them all, to give that “smack in the stomach” – funny sayings from Paulo.

Veloso – Vila Mariana

When we talk about coxinha in São Paulo, one of the first bars that comes to mind is Veloso. The space is located on a lane on Rua Vergueiro, in Vila Mariana. The competition for a table is very strong, so be prepared to arrive early and wait a bit in line – it’s part of São Paulo.
The 5 best drumsticks in São Paulo
The coxinha is stuffed with chicken and catupiry and lives up to fame. The cone is very thin and the combination of ingredients gives a “pate effect” – all together and mixed, which makes it so dry and crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. To accompany, the waiters pass offering chops, or you can order one of the famous and different caipirinhas.
The 5 best drumsticks in São Paulo

  • How much? R $ 33 (6 units) – value in 2020
  • Essential tip: try to sit in the old part of the bar, which has only 9 tables and is much more cozy.
  • Where? Rua Conceição Veloso, 54 Vila Mariana
  • Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 5:30 pm to 0:30 am; Saturday 12:30 / 0:30; Sun. 16h / 22h30; closed on Mondays.
    • You can ask for “drive-thru”, in a door that is next to the bar, very quickly!

Estadão – Downtown

Estadão is a must for anyone who really wants to get to know São Paulo, after all, the bar has been in the same place since 1968. Behind the bar was the Estadão newspaper, which gave rise to the name. The environment is a set of everything that represents SP, with Prato Done 24h a day, people of all style and the right point to know the typical diversity of the city.
The 5 best drumsticks in São Paulo
Estadão’s coxinha is very root! It’s called Coxa Creme, which is a chicken leg with coxinha pasta on the outside. The dough is thin and light and is a great option to get out of the traditional ham sandwich – well known by those who frequent the bar.

  • How much? R $ 6 (1 unit) – value in 2020
  • Essential tip: on the menu it says “Coxa Especial”, but if you order “Coxa Creme” it rolls too, it’s the same thing!
  • Where? Nove de Julho Viaduct, 193 – Historic Center of São Paulo
  • Hours: 24h

Fôrno – Vila Buarque

Fôrno is one of those places that gives a joy just to be there, after all, everything is very beautiful and well thought out so that the eyes can shine and fill us with inspiration. The structure of the environment is entirely of wood with an industrial and cozy air. The lounge and bar are exposed and we can see the magic of the kitchen going on.
The 5 best drumsticks in São Paulo
The dishes are very different and exquisite. The coxinha here is filled with Pastrami and Cream Cheese, which guarantees a lot of creaminess and a sensational flavor. And of course, the cone is very crunchy too, but the difference is the fact that the drumsticks are presented on top of a mayonnaise sauce with Sriracha Pepper – here you have to start eating from the bottom.
The 5 best drumsticks in São Paulo

  • How much? R $ 32 (4 units) – value in 2020
  • Essential tip: arrive early as there is always a queue. But, you can order and wait at the bottom of the bar, until you clear a table at the top.
  • Where? R. Cunha Horta, 70, V. Buarque.
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday from 7 pm to 0 am; Friday until 1 am; Sat. 12h / 1h; Sun. 12h / 23h; closed on Mondays.

Beco SP – Tatuapé

Owned by Dock Burguer, Beco SP is an urban bar, with graffiti on the walls, a super informal atmosphere and cool public. The restaurant, called Casual Food, is located in the Tatuapé neighborhood, on the east side of the city and deserves to be among the TOP 5 of coxinhas in São Paulo.
The 5 best drumsticks in São Paulo
The coxinha is presented on the board with a lot of aioli and are the most crunchy on that list. This happens because the coxinha has no dough! The chicken is shredded and turned into a dense cream and breaded with panko flour. Thus, it creates a very thin cone and a very creamy filling.

  • How much? R $ 26 (8 units) – value in 2020
  • Where? R. Serra de Japi, 1.216, V. Gomes Cardim
  • Opening hours: Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 to 15h and 18 to 23h30; Thursday to Sunday 12h 23h30; closed on Mondays.

Zé Gordo – Itaim Bibi

Last, and not least, a coxinha of boteco root! Starting with the name, Zé Gordo has all the characteristics of the thousands of traditional bars in São Paulo. Fan, TV off and environment packed with music to give that coziness in suffering.
The 5 best drumsticks in São Paulo
You can order the drumsticks in three flavors: chicken, shrimp and mineira. The most requested is the mineira, which is made with sweet potato dough and cheese filling! Great order to accompany with the pepper made by the house and a very cold beer ?

  • How much? R $ 42 (10 units) – value in 2020
  • Where? R. Clodomiro Amazonas, 321 – Itaim Bibi
  • Opening hours: every day from 10 am to 1 am, except Sunday, which is closed.

What is this list, my people? I need to eat a coxinha – vegetarian – now! There’s a video on Paulo’s channel trying all these drumsticks in São Paulo, and making comments that only he knows how to make. And comment here if you are part of the team that starts to eat by the bootie or the pout! ?

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