The 5 Best Places To See In Autumn

The 5 Best Places To See In Autumn

It is undeniable that the colors of the autumn they are passionate. The yellowed leaves fallen on the floor transform the street and color the landscape, perfectly matching the milder climate. However, these are not the only reasons why people enjoy traveling so much during this time of year.
After the hectic pace of summer, autumn arrives with a necessary lull – even for the hottest travel destinations! Combining the useful with the pleasant, how about traveling to a place that becomes even more beautiful and interesting in that season?


The 5 Best Places To See In Autumn

Photo: Brendan Church

The most obvious way to start the list is talking about Canada, so we couldn’t miss this opportunity! Virtually every city in the country is even more charming during the fall, including the largest as Toronto and Vancouver. After all, that typical Canadian leaf spreads everywhere and forms orange carpets in the streets.
Two other cities that cannot be left out of Wishlist are Montreal and Hamilton. These two places are passionate and look wonderful during the fall. Ah, in the case of Montreal, put the Mount Royal Park it’s the Montreal Botanical Gardens ?


The 5 Best Places To See In Autumn

Photo: Jonathan Borba

One of the classic national destinations to visit in the fall is Lawn. In addition to prices being much lower, the city and attractions are not as crowded as in winter, for example.
Take the opportunity to enjoy a good fondue and drink hot chocolate with a charming landscape. The city streets are super charming, matching the delicate architecture of the houses and shops.


The 5 Best Places To See In Autumn
Despite being a little rainier months, the Norwegian autumn is sure to leave anyone sighing in the corners. The streets, forests and mountains take on a typical tonality of the season, making each corner of the country look like a movie set.
If you like hiking and have more contact with nature, you don’t even have to think twice before going to

Røros and do the trail of Flen Marka. Among all the places in Norway, I believe this to be one of the most beautiful. The forest even looks like a magical place!


The 5 Best Places To See In Autumn

Photo: Joel and Jasmin Førestbird

I could choose a single destination to visit on Switzerland, but it would be impossible to decide in the midst of so many wonderful cities. In addition to Zurich and Geneva, for example, other places worth mentioning are Gruyeres, Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen.
In addition to all these destinations being beautiful, the local cuisine is wonderful. In Gruyères, take the opportunity to learn a little about the process of making the famous cheese! In the case of Lauterbrunnen, the cable car ride through Trummelbach Falls is a must.


The 5 Best Places To See In Autumn

Photo: Andressa Voltolini

Another Brazilian destination for the list! Even though it is not a very popular city for tourism, Curitiba has several special places to enjoy the mild climate. THE Pope’s Grove it’s the Botanical Garden, for example, are two beautiful and super nice places to walk in the afternoon.
Another tour that is super worth taking is the train ride to Morretes. It is as if you could go back in time, going through surreal scenarios along the way. Anyone who likes to extend their tours beyond the city center will surely love it ?


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