The 5 Best Restaurants in Florianópolis
The 5 best restaurants in florianopolis

The 5 Best Restaurants in Florianópolis

Floripa attracts tourists from all over the world, especially in the summer. As it is a very common destination during holidays, people are always behind what to do in the city. So, one of the most common questions is about where to eat. After all, what are the Best Florianopolis Restaurants – TripAdvisor?
To make it easier for all of you to search, we’ve selected 5 incredible locations. Already advancing the subject, those who like seafood will make the party for the region! For vegetarians or vegans, the city also has super different options and very healthy meals.

Sushi Nipô

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Like asian cuisine? Nipô Sushi is the perfect restaurant to eat good Japanese dishes! They have two units, both of which are very modern. Regarding the dishes, they follow a very authentic contemporary line.
To the delight of people who don’t eat meat, the chef offers three vegetarian options. Two of them are simpler: the traditional temaki and a special roll. To have an even more complete experience, Nipô sells 14 vegetarian pieces specially selected by the chef, functioning as a tasting menu.


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Some say that Ostradamus is the best restaurant in Florianópolis when it’s about Seafood. As the name implies, the flagship of the house is oysters. They are prepared with great care, and they always seek excellence to serve customers.
I know oysters do not please your taste buds, ask for some dish with shrimp or octopus. The decoration of the restaurant is also a point that pleases most customers. The owners of the place sought to acclimate the space with a marine theme, reminding even a boat!


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Like Ostradamus, Rosso is great for eating fishes and sea food. One of the most requested dishes in the house is, without a doubt, the dust. The most traditional version is usually served with mashed potatoes and tarê sauce, adding a touch of personality and authenticity to the recipe. As a bonus, you can have lunch or dinner with a lovely view ?

Books and beers

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Good beer and snacks they are perfect to end the day with a flourish. Books & Beers opens from Tuesday to Sunday, starting at 5pm. For those looking for a shopping centers in Florianópolis good relaxed, this is one of the best options.
Among the snacks on the menu are panceta, mini pastries and small portions of seafood. As for beers, they are all handcrafted – the composition of each is explained in the menu itself, with a detailed description. In addition, the space is very cozy and close to Lagoa da Conceição.

Tomato wine and cuisine

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Taking a break from the seafood theme, a restaurant with Italian culinary! Tomato Cucina & Vino is very modern, both in decoration and in the assembly and presentation of dishes.
The pastas are all handcrafted and fresh, some of which are made by the owners of the establishment. Gnocchi is one of the most successful alternatives there! Be sure to try the desserts, which are also all inspired by Italian recipes, such as cannoli.
And for those who are in Floripa, or with a scheduled trip to the city, what do you think about doing a different water sport? Paulo approved the idea and felt like he was flying! If you were curious to know how, just take a look at Danielle Noce ?

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