The 5 most amazing islands in San Blas

The 5 most amazing islands in San Blas

One of the most popular destinations in Panama are the islands of San Blas, each with its charm and enchanting beauty. The archipelago is located on Panama’s Atlantic coast and comprises more than 360 islands. Of course, not all of them are tourist, but many have a structure to receive visitors.
The region is controlled by indigenous people who live there, so the area’s official name is Kuna Yala, or Guna Yala. They manage the islands and even tourism. The region has incredible landscapes and is a great destination for those who want to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle for a while. I made a short list of the five islands that I found most fascinating ?

Dog Island Chico

The 5 most amazing islands in San Blas

Photo: Rubiatica

One of the most famous islands in the archipelago is Isla Perro. The beach is great and the sea is not too rough, perfect for swimming in the crystal clear waters. As it is the island most sought after by tourists, it gets more crowded during weekends, holidays and holidays. When you’re there, take the opportunity to do at least one snokerl dive! On the beach of Isla Perro there is a shipwreck that can be seen by all visitors, as it is right in the shallows.
Ah, if you want to try some of the local cuisine, the restaurant on this island is a great option. He is very small and the ones who care are the residents themselves. The hake accompanied by rice with coconut is one of the most requested dishes.

Aguja Island

The 5 most amazing islands in San Blas

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This is the fastest island to reach, as it is closest to the mainland. Isla Aguja has a much more developed structure: more bathrooms and more cabins. It is also one of the most crowded in high season, but even those who want more empty places should visit it.
Anyone who wants to buy a souvenir from San Blas can look for selling Kuna handicrafts. They sell some super colorful and beautiful embroidered fabrics. The sea is amazing and the beach is great for those traveling with children ?

Kuanidup Island

The 5 most amazing islands in San Blas

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Kuanidup Island, also called Guanidup, is very small and rustic. As its structure is not so developed, the number of tourists is less. It is ideal for those who want to feel the spirit of San Blas: exotic and calm. The simplicity of things within the island make it even more original.
The place is wonderful to enjoy the beach a lot without having many people around! Also be sure to try the food of the inhabitants of this island. They use various local products, mainly fish. It is very interesting for those who like to know new flavors and spices.

Tubisenika Island

The 5 most amazing islands in San Blas

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Perfect for accommodation, Tubisenika Island is famous among travelers. Despite being quite small, it has two owners. On one side it is called Franklin Island and, on the other, Senidup cabins. For you to have an idea of ​​the size, you can get around the island in about 10 minutes!
Franklin’s part is more peaceful and the beach is as beautiful as those of the other islands I mentioned. In the case of Senidup, the area is a little more lively, but on both sides the sea is beautiful and very clean. The downside of this island is the bathrooms. They are not private or equipped: /

Coco Blanco Island

The 5 most amazing islands in San Blas

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Unlike other islands, which accommodate all styles of visitors, Isla Coco Blanco only welcomes guests. Those who want a little better accommodation than those on the other islands should choose this option. Still, the island still has its rustic charm. Another very cool aspect of Coco Blanco is that there are trips to other islands. That is, anyone who wants to spend a few days in the region can stay there and then create a tour to visit the other islands close by!
Of the 360 ​​islands in the archipelago, these are just some of the most beautiful. For lovers of calm and idyllic beaches, San Blas is the ideal place. Ah, be sure to read other posts about Panama here on the website ?

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