The 5 most traditional foods in New York

The 5 most traditional foods in New York

I am in love with New York, not only for the city but also for the food. You imagine how much I like to try new things and know the typical dishes of each region I visit, right? Even though I have been to the city several times, I always like to visit somewhere new and fall in love even more with the delights of NYC delights!
New York has several very characteristic dishes, right? Most of them are very popular all over the world, however, when they are made there, they have particularities that make them still special. I selected five foods that I consider the most traditional in town so you can learn a little more about the cuisine there ?


The 5 most traditional foods in New York

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I’ll start this list with one of the most loved foods in the world: pizza! There are many fast food places that sell pizza, but I want to focus on the city’s traditional, freshly baked and wood-fired oven. New Yorkers are accustomed to eating pizza by hand, so it has the softest and least crunchy dough – so they fold the pizza slice more easily, making it easier to eat with your hands, of course!
One of the most traditional places to try real New York pizza is at Lombardi’s restaurant. Many consider the place as the creator of New York style pizza. Another place worth going to is Grimaldi’s. In both places the pizza is made in a charcoal oven, making it even more delicious.


The 5 most traditional foods in New York

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Bagel is a donut-shaped bread, with a very specific texture and flavor. It was not invented in New York, but I can certainly say that it has been improved there. The difference between New York bagels is the way they are prepared: there they cook the pasta superficially in boiling water, and only after that it is baked. This process makes the bread more firm and is what makes it special.
This wonder has already entered the routine of most of the city’s residents, after all, at every corner you will find a shop with delicious bagels. Despite being a classic for breakfast, it can be served in several meals throughout the day. In addition, each place adds an item that makes it even more delicious. Two great places to eat bagel are the Black Seed and the Western Bagel. Both offer a wide variety of filling options!

Egg Cream

The 5 most traditional foods in New York

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Leaving the food category a little bit, I will talk about a well-known drink in the city. It is called egg cream but, despite the name, there is nothing egg in the preparation. Egg cream is basically a milk mixed with carbonated water and a flavored syrup of chocolate or vanilla. The drink only tastes good when the ingredients are mixed right away, okay?
It is considered by many people as a soft drink, mainly because of the gas and the taste. This classic New York recipe can be found at places like Juliana’s Pizza and Classic Coffee Shop.


The 5 most traditional foods in New York

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Of course, I couldn’t leave a dessert off that list. The recipe was created in Greece, but it became popular even after being introduced to the American menu. The cheesecake is like a pie, the base of which is made with crushed sweet biscuits. The filling can be made with some types of cheese, such as cream cheese or mascarpone. Although it seems to be a simple thing to do, few achieve the very creamy texture of the cream!
Anyone who wants to taste this sweet wonder can go to Eileen’s Cheesecake or Junior’s Cheesecake. I promise you won’t regret it. Ah, on the site I already taught you several recipes, like passion fruit cheesecake and Christmas cheesecake ?

Hot dog

The 5 most traditional foods in New York

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Last, but not least, the hot dog! The New York hot dog, in addition to the typical sausage of the city, receives ingredients that add even more flavor to the dish. Some of the most famous “toppings” there are chile, sauerkraut, and a sweet and sour sauce made with pickles, cucumber, mustard and ketchup.
It is very common to see street stalls selling hot dogs there, but always be suspicious of where the food comes from. Gray’s Papaya and Crif Dogs are two incredible restaurants for those who want to eat a tasty hot dog.
Don’t forget to eat any of those dishes when you go to New York, huh? It is not always that we can eat these delicacies in such traditional places ? Aah, there are already more posts about the delights of the city, with more details about the history of each of these dishes and tips with the best places in town!

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