The 6 Most Incredible Roads in the World

The 6 Most Incredible Roads in the World

Getting to know a different destination by car is one of the most incredible experiences anyone can have! Silly details like greater control of the itinerary and spending as much time as you want at the stops are just two of the advantages of this type of tour.
Of course, to make the dream road trip, minimal planning and research is required. After all, before embarking on the adventure we have to prevent as much as possible possible losses. For those who always wanted to drive around, exploring the most amazing roads in the world, here are six script suggestions. Ready?

Route 66

The 6 Most Incredible Roads in the World
When we talk about road trips in the United States, one of the most talked about routes is the Route 66. The road was opened in 1926, integrating different states – Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and California. In an ideal world, everyone would be able to travel the full route. However, many stretches no longer work. So, just choose the kilometers you will cover.
Paulo and I, for example, did the excerpt from
San Bernardino up until Las Vegas, as shown in our route 66. Be sure to research accommodations along the way, as well as restaurants and roadside attractions. And be sure that this is one of the most amazing routes you could take.

Big Sur

The 6 Most Incredible Roads in the World

Photo: Thomas Ciszewski

Since we are talking about the most incredible roads in the world, I could not fail to mention the Big Sur. Anyone who has the dream of going to California certainly imagined walking along the coast of the region, with the car windows open and singing their favorite songs.
Usually people make this trip in the direction
San FranciscoThe angels. Why? In addition to always having the sea as a view, the entrance to viewpoints and other non-signposted stops are easier to access. Enjoy the late afternoon to enjoy the wonderful Californian sunset pôr


The 6 Most Incredible Roads in the World
Cold destinations don’t usually please everyone. Still, the

Circular, in Iceland, should be done by everyone who has the opportunity. Because it is a place so different from what we are used to, it is impossible not to be impressed with each of the surreal landscapes along the route.
This route is known for going around the entire coastal region, passing through super small towns and with very few inhabitants. To give you an idea, 80% of the country’s population is concentrated in the capital
Reykjavik! Ah, another itinerary option for Iceland is the gold circle, so amazing when Ring Road ?

Great Ocean Road

The 6 Most Incredible Roads in the World

Photo: Weyne Yew

Like Big Sur, Great Ocean Road is in a coastal region. In this case, in Victoria, Australia. As it is a very famous road trip, it is possible to do it quietly both by car and by car. motorhome – stopping at campsites along the way.
The beaches and rock formations are the two main attractions of the road, which was built as a memorial to soldiers who died in the First World War. And people who have always wanted to see a koala can fulfill that desire there. Just pay a visit to the
Kennett River!

Southern Highway

The 6 Most Incredible Roads in the World
Of all the trips we’ve taken, the

Southern Highway it was one of the most challenging destinations. We even thought we were die on a boat ride! Despite this, the trip was wonderful and we saw a very different side of Chile – with lots of mountains, glaciers and snow.
The road conditions are not always so good, but nothing that prevents the passage. With that in mind, don’t think twice about renting a 4 × 4 car. It is also important to research what are the
best lodgings along the Carretera Austral. Especially because, you need to rest well to endure long hours of driving.

Amalfi Coast

The 6 Most Incredible Roads in the World

Photo: Dan Russo

It is nothing new for anyone that Italy is a charming country. Anyway, people are still surprised by the beauty of the whole Amalfi Coast. The route is relatively short, but the itinerary is full of stops in cities and other attractions.
The views are breathtaking and with beautiful beaches – almost anywhere on the route. For this reason, this is considered by many people to be one of the most incredible roads in the world.
What is your dream road trip? Comment below to let us know the places you always wanted to visit ?

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