The 7 Best Places in Porto to See the Sunset

The 7 Best Places in Porto to See the Sunset

It doesn’t matter if the landscape is natural or urban – every sunset is always charming, especially when the sky is clear. When I travel, for example, I always look for places that are high or have lovely views. In fact, this time of day has great light to make amazing photos.
Porto is one of the cities that we will visit this year and our research on it is in full swing. Looking for specific places to watch the sunset, I found super interesting tips and I will share with you all of them. Some points are more obvious, like the viewpoints. Still, I’m sure you will put at least two of these locations on your travel itinerary roteiro

Victoria Viewpoint

The 7 Best Places in Porto to See the Sunset

Photo: @angelamatarante

If you have read the posts from Lisbon, you must have noticed that viewpoints are very common there. This type of tourist spot is very common there, some of which are paid and others free. For our happiness, the entrance to Miradouro da Vitória is not charged!
It is in the old Jewish quarter, a very cool area full of cool restaurants. One of the only problems with this viewpoint is that this space itself is a little bit taken care of. However, the view is beautiful – it is worth knowing.

Dom Luís I Bridge

The 7 Best Places in Porto to See the Sunset

Photo: @mariemadeinchina

One of the landmarks of Porto is the Dom Luís I Bridge. It is used both by the subway, as well as by cars and pedestrians. As I told you in the post of 10 places to visit in Porto, the bridge connects Porto to Gaia and has a wonderful view over the Douro River. The metallic structure of the building is also beautiful and yields many wonderful photos.
You can see the sunset at the bottom of the bridge, with it as the background of your landscape. Another option is to see the sunset on the bridge itself, in the part reserved for pedestrians. Either way, both views are breathtaking.

Morro Garden

The 7 Best Places in Porto to See the Sunset

Photo: @viitornevess

Although not in Porto but in Vila Nova de Gaia, Jardim do Morro cannot be left out of its list of places to visit. The space is in the parish of Santa Marinha and is an incredible green area. The arrival in it is very smooth, since it is located at the end of the Dom Luís I Bridge.
His view is somewhat similar to that of the bridge, but you will have a new perspective and a very different environment. In addition, you can take advantage of crossing the bridge to explore the Gaia region, an area that is also very interesting and not so popular.

Porto Cathedral

The 7 Best Places in Porto to See the Sunset

Photo: @katkamede

Entrance to the Porto Cathedral is free, but to climb the cloister you will have to pay € 3. Considering all expenses for maintaining the space, the value is very symbolic and fair. Its construction began in the 12th century and since it was completed it has become a landmark for Porto.
Those who enjoy old buildings and don’t mind paying to climb to the top of the cathedral will love the tour. Her architectural style is quite mixed, with Baroque, romantic and Gothic features. As it is part of the script of most tourists, I’m sure you will end up passing by. That is, be sure to plan to climb the cloister at dusk and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the city.

Garden of Virtues

The 7 Best Places in Porto to See the Sunset

Photo: @acatevond

One of the most popular places for locals to enjoy the evening or go for a walk is Parque das Virtudes. It is one of the most pleasant green areas in the city and the view from the viewpoint located within the park is beautiful. If you go to the city during the summer, be sure to visit this park.
Take the opportunity to walk throughout the region. They have several cultural spaces that are worth the visit, not all of which are so common among tourists. The Portuguese Center of Photography, for example, is very close to the park and is a great stopping point for those who enjoy this type of art.

Passeio Alegre

The 7 Best Places in Porto to See the Sunset

Photo: @scarletbeat

Built in the 19th century, Jardim do Passeio Alegre is another delightful green area in the city. The space is very well maintained and the entire garden design is beautiful. Some say that this is one of the most beautiful gardens in the city, especially because of the part that is on the banks of the Douro River.
If you want a very romantic sunset, go there. It is decorated with some Art Nouveau pieces, making the environment even more charming. If you are with a child or just want to have fun, stop by the mini golf course inside ?

Foz do Douro

The 7 Best Places in Porto to See the Sunset

Photo: @albalopezmartinez

Foz do Douro is a little away from the historic center of Porto, but it is a great walk for those who enjoy walking. As the name implies, a large part of this area is on the banks of the Douro River, so you will have a beautiful view of it and the contrast of the city’s architecture.
A good idea is to rent a bicycle and cycle through this part of the city. That way, you get to know more places and make the most of your day. In addition, it is in this part of Porto that the river meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is that kind of activity that everyone should do.
Porto is an exciting city. I am getting more and more anxious for this trip and I hope to get to know at least some of these places. And you, do you know other amazing places to watch the sunset over there? If so, don’t forget to comment here!

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