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A long time ago, a great friend of mine had talked about this confectionery but for some reason I don’t remember which one, I didn’t value it so much. We were in Copacabana strolling when suddenly I came across a super friendly and attractive place; I didn’t think twice and went in! and I commented to her “- what a wonderful place as I hadn’t come here before?” Then I heard the old and famous phrase “- I told you!” lol and it’s true. As we would say here in Rio, I “gave way” but a magic force made me pass that day!
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Jokes aside, the place is worth visiting. I was amazed and when I got home the first thing I did was to research everything about Baker on the internet, where I found several articles about them, including the cover of highly regarded magazines in Brazil. And I sign below what I read because, in fact, there is absolutely nothing to be desired for the best confectioneries that at least I visited and tried, including those in France.
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To the food. I would like to be much more hungry than I was to try everything that came out, but I was super sick because of the pregnancy. Even so, I’m going back there soon, because I loved the menu! Of course, I didn’t go there blank. I ordered two desserts and one salty and I also took some delicacies home. What can I say?? Wonderful! I haven’t eaten such a delicious Apfelstrudel in a long time, the last one was in the mountains of Rio Grande do Sul on my honeymoon and never again! Everything perfect.
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The crunchy chocolate pie made me dream about it for days! I’m really in love. At home, after taking a basic medicine I was able to get more out of what I bought. The only negative point in all of this? The day I went, the store’s credit card system was down! Aff!
Want more suggestions? Eat the strawberry bomb with whipped cream whimsically stuffed and fresh!
Ah! There are souvenirs to sell there too, so don’t waste time! Are you going to Copacabana? Go there to not regret it later lol
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Kisses a thousand and see you next time.

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