The Ballad of the Bad Pie (or the lesson that goodness exists)

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Animated stories win me over. With humor and emotion, then… “Ballad of Poisonberry Pete” is a short film of those impossible not to make a cute face in the end. Either in the middle or, for the weakest (me), right at the beginning. It’s a grace.
With a touch of Tarantino without losing its delicacy, students from the Faculty of Arts and Design, Ringling, Uri Lotan, Adam Campbell and Elizabeth McMahill created a delicious video. The story takes place in Western Americano and is starred by pies, those very traditional ones. Poisonberry Pete is a grumpy pie and is not afraid of anyone. When he meets Little Blueberry, however, innocence and warmth make room in Pete’s bitter heart.
To protect the peaceful Crusty Ridge (something like Crispy Top), the sheriff, another very hearty pie, does everything he can to get rid of Pete. The video was made for the Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival. It’s in English and I didn’t find it with subtitles, but it’s easy to understand, because the drawings say it all. The cutest phrase at the end says that even the thickest peel can have a soft filling. Worth it!
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