The best Aeropress recipe in the world – 2016

The best Aeropress recipe in the world - 2016

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Hi guys! How are you?
In 2016, I have been surprised by the large number of people who seek information about coffee every day. Of course, consumer interest is reflected in the market, increasing the consumption of specialty coffees and the demand for new extraction methods. This is where the fairs and championships that take place every year come in, seeking to disseminate news and present trends in coffee consumption.
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As I told you here, in 2015 Brazil started to organize the Brazilian Aeropress Championship, which serves as a qualifier for an international event. This event brings together the best competitors from various countries and in it the judges choose the recipe that will rule over all others Aeropress recipes in the world, at least until the following year. ?
In the photos above, you can see some moments from this year’s championship, which happened here in Curitiba and in which I participated (I’m the guy on the left with the navy blue shirt who is talking to one of the championship judges). I made it to the semifinals and it was an incredible experience to try some of the best coffees around here.
Ah! And as I could not fail to mention, this year the 3rd place in the world championship was occupied by the Brazilian Hugo Rocco, from Moka Clube here from Curitiba. In other words: we produce a lot of coffee, high quality coffees and excellent baristas here in Brazil. That’s a reason for a toast! Cheers!
In 2016 the world title went to the Polish Filip Kucharczyk, from Cafe Targowa, which won 107 Polish competitors (!!!) and 50 from other countries with the following recipe:
You will need:

  • Aeropress (inverted);
  • paper filter (scalded in hot water);
    35 grams of coffee with medium grind;
  • 250 to 270 ml of hot water at 81ºC;

Preparation mode:

  1. Add the 35 grams of coffee and pour 150 ml of water in 15 seconds;
  2. Stir for 30 seconds;
  3. Put the cap on with the filter and wait a minute;
  4. Invert the Aeropress over a mug, mix it briefly and extract;
  5. Add 100 to 120 ml of water to the finished coffee, as you like.

The total extraction time will be approximately 2’10 ”. After drinking this coffee you should feel more or less like Filip:
[youtube]t2LtasGyS3I[/youtube]A hug and good drinks!

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