The best Aeropress recipe in the world
The best aeropress recipe in the world

The best Aeropress recipe in the world

julianolamur-cafeemcasa009-coffeetrip01-aeropress-mundialHi guys!
Fifteen days have passed and we are here again! Today I’m going to talk a little bit about a coffee recipe for Aeropress. We already mentioned it here at Café em Casa, but if you don’t remember exactly that friendly and portable coffee maker, it’s worth clicking on this link.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is Lukas Zahradnik. He comes from Slovenia and in 2015 he won nothing less than the title of world champion of Aeropress.
It usually works like this: each country organizes its national Aeropress championship at a certain time of the year. These championships have more or less similar rules and evaluation criteria, and only one of the participants is chosen as the champion in each place. A few months later the winners of the local championships come together to compete with each other, and then the world champion is chosen. Imagine the responsibility that it must be to represent your country to the rest of the world. For those who are familiar with à la Masterchef cooking programs, it is not difficult to visualize the process. ?
I have not yet commented here that I had the chance to participate in the 1st Brazilian Aeropress championship, and it was an incredible experience. First, because Aeropress is very simple and at the same time it makes it possible to manipulate a huge number of variables during preparation. For me, that alone explains the reason for the existence of so many specific championships of this method. Secondly, because the level of the competitors was very high and it is no exaggeration to say that I had the chance to taste the best coffees prepared in an Aeropress in Brazil. From that event, I brought home some incredible coffees, valuable contacts and a little extra experience in Aeropress. Who won the Brazilian championship was the barista Edgar Martins, from Urbe Café (close to Avenida Paulista, in SP), which represented Brazil in Seattle, there in mid-April this year.
Leaving aside the small talk, let’s go to Lukas’ recipe that delighted the judges of the world championship.
You will need:

  • Aeropress (inverted);
  • Paper filter (scalded in hot water);
  • 20 grams of ground coffee in the “7.3” setting of the Mahlkönig EK34 mill (slightly finer than the grinding for filter paper);
  • Hot water at 79ºC.

Preparation mode:

  1. Add the 20 grams of coffee and pour 60 grams of water;
  2. let the coffee degas for 15 seconds (also known as blooming);
    shake for 15 seconds;
  3. add the rest of the water that fits in the Aeropress in 10 seconds;
  4. invert over the desired container (a mug or jar, for example) and press for 45 seconds;
  5. stop pressing when the plunger is just below number 1.

The total extraction time should be approximately 1:30 (that’s right, in less than two minutes you will drink an unforgettable coffee!).
For those interested in watching the video with Lukas himself preparing, it is available here:
Even without having a professional grinder or a teapot with temperature control, you can start from these instructions and do several experiments until you reach the café that most pleases your taste. If you prepare this or other recipes there in the comfort of your home, share on Instagram with the hashtag # CaféEmCasa to continue exchanging ideas. My address is @arabicasimples and I’m going to test this recipe!
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A hug and good coffees!
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