The Best Bars in Lisbon

The Best Bars in Lisbon

Going out to enjoy the night in a different country is always a good thing. Whether to have a drink or listen to a live band in a bar, Paulo and I have always had a lot of fun. Some places do not have very busy nightlife, so we have to take advantage when the opportunity arises to visit different spaces.
In the case of Lisbon, the city is usually quite lively even at night. That is, if you like to go for a walk in that part of the day, be sure to visit at least one or two bars there. I made a list with very varied options, so just choose which ones you prefer to add to your travel itinerary ?


The Best Bars in Lisbon

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One of the most famous bars there is the Park. It is known by people of all ages, not only for drinks but also for its location. It is on a rooftop, and the landscape of Lisbon seen from that location is simply stunning. One of the best times to go to him is around sunset, when the sky is even more beautiful.
The space is usually full, especially by a younger crowd that is there to have fun. Another interesting thing is that it is in a parking lot. Before reaching the rooftop, people often find the environment strange, but the surprise at the top of the building is incredible.


The Best Bars in Lisbon

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Those who love beer cannot leave Musa out of the script. The bar serves only branded beer, which in addition to being local, is also handcrafted. The environment is very modern and has an industrial style that I love. In addition, it is in the Marvila neighborhood, which is one of the most interesting in the city.
Cheese boards and small snacks are great options to accompany a good beer. If you want to compare Musa beer with another local brand, just walk for five minutes to Dois Corvos. They also produce craft beer and have a style very similar to Muse. You can do everything on the same day and then choose your favorite brand!

The unusual

The Best Bars in Lisbon

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The Insólito bar and restaurant also has a beautiful view of the city and is a good option for those who want to dine or just to have a drink. In addition to several original cocktails from the house and more traditional ones, they offer approximately 50 different wine options.
One of the most classic drinks served there, for example, is the espresso martini. The decor of the environment is very common, a mixture of vintage with modern touches that make the space more relaxed. If you want to know more about the restaurant, in addition to the bar, just click here ?

Red Frog

The Best Bars in Lisbon

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Opened in 2015, Red Frog already has a loyal clientele and awards that reflect the quality of the place. The place was voted the best bar in Lisbon in 2016 by Lisboa Bar Show, a national event that brings together bartenders, brands and people related to the area. Ah, their bar menu was also voted the best!
The combinations of some cocktails are very different and the presentations of the drinks are incredible, running away from the traditional way of serving just the drink. Among the most traditional drinks on site are Spiced Rusty Cherry and American Gangster. If in doubt as to which one to choose, try one of the two.

Duke Brewpub

The Best Bars in Lisbon

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Another must-see place for those who enjoy craft beer is Duke Brewpub. They sell several brands, including Musa and Dois Corvos, which I mentioned to you here. In addition, each brand has at least two different beer lines.
Because it occupies a small space, the bar is usually very crowded. Despite this, the atmosphere is super pleasant and ideal for those who want to try beers from different local brands. The complete letter with all brands is available on their website!


The Best Bars in Lisbon

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Those who read the post of best restaurants in Lisbon already know José Avillez. He is a chef and entrepreneur, with several restaurants throughout Lisbon. One of them, which is more than a simple restaurant, is the Mini Bar. From 19h the place offers a wonderful bar menu, full of cocktails and craft beers.
The snacks served there are also highly praised, such as the avocado tempura. It is a true gastronomic experience, especially for those who enjoy alcoholic drinks and want to try new drinks and innovative creations. It is worth asking for the local tasting menu ?

Pension Amor

The Best Bars in Lisbon

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If you don’t want to leave out a classic and traditional bar in the city, you can already write the name of Pensão Amor on your list. I confess that I find his decoration very peculiar, with many pictures, armchairs, cushions and red walls. It works in an old brothel, so his appearance still follows a little of that line.
It is a very different experience to get to know Pensão Amor, not only for the atmosphere that refers to Belle Époque but also for the drinks and snacks. The drink options are quite varied, having drinks with gin, wine cocktails, beers, rum and more. It is worth taking a stroll through it, especially if you want to see a very different place in Lisbon.

Rio Maravilha

The Best Bars in Lisbon

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One of the coolest areas in Lisbon is the LX Factory, a space where an old factory used to be and which today is full of different and alternative shops, bars and cafes. For this reason, I could not fail to mention one of the bars located in that part of the city. Rio Maravilha occupies the former social room of the factory workers, so the atmosphere is very interesting.
They also function as a restaurant, but I believe the local bar menu is more interesting than the menu with food. Part of the environment is outdoors and with a beautiful view of the city, so a good time to go there is during the late afternoon, when the sun is already setting.
As you may have noticed, there is a bar for all tastes, right? Each of them has an interesting and different feature! If you know other places worth visiting, comment here!

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