The best bars in Paris

The best bars in Paris

You may have noticed by our travel vlogs that we almost always stop by a bar when we travel, right? Paulo and I love to visit new places and try different drinks, especially in more unknown places that have some interesting characteristics.
Paris is full of these more alternative places and with a very relaxed atmosphere, so I really like several bars there. I selected for you some of the best, among them some with authorial drinks and others that are more focused on some type of drink. If you love trying new things, you will love this post ?

Mad Mary

The best bars in Paris

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Besides loving Maria Loca, the owner of the bar, Mica, is a friend of mine. He makes incredible drinks and this is just one of the reasons why the place deserves at least one visit! One of the coolest things about this place, besides the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, is that they sell cachaça.
Our Brazilian drink is a success there and attracts many people to the place, both Brazilians who miss the country as well as French people who want to enjoy the night with delicious and different drinks. Enjoy being in a cozy and tasty place and try some different drinks, like Spritz and, of course, have some cachaça in the first cachaçaria in Paris!


The best bars in Paris

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Copperbay is considered one of the best bars in Paris and, despite not having a wide variety of drinks, most of them are authorial. The drink combinations change regularly, stimulating the team’s creativity and also offering different products to customers. The atmosphere is simple and welcoming, making the experience even more delicious.
The drinks are memorable and with very different mixes, as in the case of Faluka and The Beast. The first has Lebanese influences, based on a honey-like syrup. The second drink is more eccentric, because it is made with smoked meat. Of course, they also sell more classic drinks to those who prefer not to take such risks ?

Castor Club

The best bars in Paris

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The Castor Club has a very intimate decoration with several wooden details, leaving the bar with a lot of personality and originality. His owner, Thomas Codsi, is a super talented bar that creates incredible drinks, from the most traditional, such as Fish House Punch, to the most author who seek to reinvent classics.
The space is also used as a ballad, so you will see some people dancing to the music of the 60s, but nothing that gets in the way of those who don’t like this kind of thing.

Le Sherry Butt

The best bars in Paris

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If you are looking for a more hipster atmosphere, Le Sherry Butt is the ideal place. The decor is inspired by a chic retro, which leaves the environment a grace. In addition, its location is great, as it is next to Les Marais, one of the most charming neighborhoods in Paris. Most cocktails are made with very homemade and fresh ingredients. For example, champagne syrup or Japanese plums.
They seek to innovate not only in the combinations but also in the components of each drink. Despite being a little expensive, the drinks are great and the bar is amazing, from the space to the staff. Ah, to make this place even better, they have a selection of the best whiskeys in the world!

The dress and the foam

The best bars in Paris

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What makes La Robe & La Mousse so special is the wonderful selection of local beers and wines. The beer is made by hand and with local production. The wines are mostly natural and organic.
They also sell other drinks, like Cognac, but they are not the focus of the house. The bar is relatively small, but it’s cute, mainly because of the decor that mixes light stone walls with darker green tones.

Gravity Bar

The best bars in Paris

Photo: SUITCASE Magazine

Another bar with a more hipster style, Gravity Bar makes me delighted mainly because of the decor. His space is cleaner and with light tones, very different from most bars on the list, which are less lit. The owners’ inspiration is very Scandinavian and minimalist.
One of the most famous drinks there is Fruit du Passé, made with Strega liqueur, genepi, celery syrup, lemon juice and licorice powder. Things there are very different and tasty. Try whatever you feel like, even if it seems like something strange. I promise it will be fun and tasty ?
These were the most different and interesting bars I found in Paris. If you know any more that is cool, tell me here in the comments! As always, we did several vlogs of our trip there. If you want to watch, just click here!

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