The best beaches in San Diego

The best beaches in San Diego

San Diego, California, has stunning beaches for all tastes. Most of them are quite extensive and, depending on the region, you will see the contrast between the sea and the huge rock formations. Although Paulo and I spent only two days there, we met some beaches and loved them.

As you already know, I think it is very important to have a script of the places you want to go to be based on your trip. Since San Diego is a typical beach town, you must visit at least two of them! Thinking about it, I selected for you the most amazing beaches there ?

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

The best beaches in San Diego

Photo: Travel in the USA

This place is perfect for those who love trails. To get to the beach, you need to walk the Beach Trail, which is approximately 6 km. It is not a complicated journey and, for those who are used to this type of activity, it is quite simple. As a reward for the effort of the hike, you are faced with the wonderful beach and also small lagoons within the reserve.
The place is very calm and ideal for those who want to have an even greater contact with nature. You can’t eat inside the trails, just drink water to maintain the facility, okay? At the beach, food is already allowed, but you have to take everything you need. From water to snacks and sunscreen.

Black beach

The best beaches in San Diego

Photo: California Beaches

I recommend this beach for those who are more daring! Black’s Beach is known in San Diego for being a nudist beach. In addition, the name “black” was given because the sand has a darker placement than the other beaches, making the landscape even more beautiful.
If you are curious to know a beach in this style, you should definitely go to Black’s Beach. You don’t necessarily need to be naked, there everyone enjoys the beach in the way they feel best. And it’s super interesting to know a place like that, right?

Mission beach

The best beaches in San Diego

Photo: San Diego Magazine

If you like amusement park, you will love this place. Mission Beach is a beautiful beach and is also one of the busiest in California. As a bonus, you know Belmont Park. Entrance to the park is free, but toys are paid for. The upside of this is that you only spend what you want to go and do. Enjoy having fun in the park and stop by the beach to learn how to surf or practice some other type of sport at sea.


The best beaches in San Diego

Photo: CISL

Coronado Island is a little further away, but it is a must, especially if you are going to spend several days in San Diego. This whole region is very touristy and, in addition to the beach, you should also know a little of the streets and shops. If you have time, you can spend even more than a day in the region!
To get to the island you can cross the sea via the Coronado Bridge or use the ferry boat. Ah, it’s really cool to take a bike tour around the island, it’s fun and you end up getting to know more of Coronado.

Pacific Beach

The best beaches in San Diego

Photo: Sarah Michiko

Pacific Beach is one of the busiest in San Diego and has a very diverse audience. There are several restaurants and bars around it and most of the visitors to this beach are young, mainly surfers. In addition, it has a beautiful pier in the region, perfect for those who want to see the sunset and admire the sea.
Ah, on this beach is located the Mission Bay Park which, like the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, is ideal for those who like to hike. If you want to enjoy the nightlife of the region, this part of the city is also perfect, as there are several bars there.

Moonlight beach

The best beaches in San Diego

Photo: RedAwning

Moonlight Beach is perfect for those who will enjoy the beach in large groups of family and friends. The beach has several areas with restaurants and snack bars, as well as specific parts for playing football and volleyball. Agitation is always good, but there are times when there is nothing better than relaxing and enjoying the sea calmly, so Moonlight is amazing!

Ocean Beach

The best beaches in San Diego

Photo: Tim Jankowiak

Last but not least, Ocean Beach. It is one of the most beautiful regions in California and is super busy, especially for those who play sports. In reality, Ocean Beach is divided into several beaches and each has a different focus.
There are eleven beaches that please everyone: surfers, those who prefer to just relax or do some physical activity and also for those who want to enjoy the beach with the puppy. There will be no shortage of beach for you to go in this region, I swear!
Did you like the beaches? I wish I had time to get to know them all. If you know any more cool places there tell me here aqui

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