The best boutique hotels in Amsterdam

The best boutique hotels in Amsterdam

I have a huge affection for Amsterdam. I think the city is incredible and full of delicious places – it is no wonder that Paulo and I have already considered the idea of ​​living there. The atmosphere and climate are charming and it is almost impossible not to like the region. To enjoy the trip well everyone needs a good place to stay, after all, it is very important to rest after a day of sightseeing, right?
Amsterdam has several incredible hotels, mainly boutique hotels, which are my favorites. I love it when the atmosphere is cozy and quiet, in addition to having a good restaurant. I made this list with the best boutique hotels in the city, so you already have some options of very interesting places to stay ?

Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy

The best boutique hotels in Amsterdam

Photo: Pearlshare

This was the hotel we chose to stay the last time we went to Amsterdam. The history of the building itself is quite interesting, as there was a prison there and, for this reason, it is considered a historical heritage. One of the coolest things is that they offer rooms for all budgets, from the most luxurious to the simplest and most economical.
Another differential of his is the library and also a space dedicated to exhibitions, which change regularly. Even the simplest rooms are super comfortable and perfect for those who want a good hotel at a more affordable price. Ah, it is about ten minutes from the city center, very close!

The Dylan

The best boutique hotels in Amsterdam

Photo: The Dylan Amsterdam via The Travel Magazine

The Dylan is an elegant and refined boutique hotel with the most modern decor. It is small compared to Lloyd, because it has only 40 rooms. As the availability of accommodation is lower, prices vary less, and the prices of accommodation at this hotel are higher.
Just behind the building you will find a garden that is part of the hotel’s bar and restaurant. It is a very pleasant environment, especially for having a snack in the morning at the outdoor tables. The Dylan’s location is great, very close to several tourist spots, such as the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank’s house.

Hotel Roemer

The best boutique hotels in Amsterdam

Photo: Benbie

In addition to having super attentive and friendly staff, Roemer is a very charming hotel. Inside the old façade, which looks like Amsterdam, you will find an extremely welcoming atmosphere that balances modern features with more classic ones – you know we love this mix, right?
The rooms, although small, are comfortable and the decor has very neutral colors. The hotel has only 23 accommodations available and is not that expensive. It is close to the Museum Square, making it easy to access the sights.

Hotel Vondel

The best boutique hotels in Amsterdam

Photo: Disclosure

Hotel Vondel is close to Leidseplein, an area of ​​the city that has a very lively nightlife. Even in a busier area, the hotel’s street is very quiet and ideal for those who want to relax after a busy day.
The hotel space is decorated with contemporary paintings, sculptures and paintings that give a relaxed atmosphere to the environment. The rooms are also super modern and, although the bathrooms in most accommodations are small, I believe this is not a big problem.

JL No76

The best boutique hotels in Amsterdam

Photo: Fodors Travel Guide

The mixture of colors and objects that make up the hotel spaces are super fun. The tones of the walls mix with the rest of the decor and leave the place more stripped and modern. One of the coolest things about JL No76 is that it is actually the junction of two 18th century houses. It’s really cool to see the contrast between the building’s facade and the way it is decorated inside.
Anyone who wants to stay in a very central region should put this hotel on the wishlist. It is close to several shops and sights in the city. Another very cool thing about it is the bicycle rental service, which helps you in practicality and convenience!

Hotel V Nesplein

The best boutique hotels in Amsterdam

Photo: DNA Hotels

Like JL No76, Hotel V Nesplein is also very close to the central region. His difference is that their decor is much more classic and a little more luxurious, and they also have a space dedicated to reading, with several books available. The hotel’s 43 rooms have a vintage and rustic feel.
In addition to being able to enjoy the very cozy rooms, you can also relax in the hotel’s garden area, which is fresh and very pleasant. Overall, V Nesplein has a lot of personality and is a great example of a boutique hotel.

Misc Eatdrinksleep

The best boutique hotels in Amsterdam

Photo: Iescape

Misc Eatdrinksleep is located in one of the best regions of Amsterdam, because it is close to shops and is also extremely easy with public transport to other places.
In addition, this hotel has a very different and vintage decor, and most spaces have darker walls or some decorative object that contrasts with the environment. All rooms have different themes, meaning that none of them are the same. This makes the experience even more unique, because you know you are in an authentic and original place.

Morgan & Mees

The best boutique hotels in Amsterdam

Photo: Travel Plus Style

Last but not least, one of my favorite hotels on that list. Morgan & Mess has a style that I’ve been enjoying a lot recently: minimalist and that mixes light tones with much darker ones. To brighten up a little the environments, which have more neutral tones, you can find small comics or objects that bring color, such as potted plants. And what about the furniture? Impossible not to die of love for that blue bathtub, right?
Every detail of this hotel is thought out and that is why everything looks so harmonious and balanced. The rooms are very comfortable as are the common areas. You will have easy access to some of the busiest areas of Amsterdam, such as the Anne Frank house and the city’s famous canals.
Those were the hotel tips that I set for you! In addition to these boutique hotels, there are other accommodation options around the city. Hostels, for example, are great options if you want to save money. If you want to see a little bit of our trip there and know why we love this city so much, watch our vlogs on the channel ?

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