The best cafes and bakeries in Los Angeles

The best cafes and bakeries in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a super nice city to visit, especially for those who enjoy walking and discovering unusual places as they explore the city. The streets are beautiful and at every corner you can find something super interesting, from a different clothing store to a cafe full of delights.
Regarding cafes and bakeries, Los Angeles offers several options, from the cutest and coolest spaces to traditional and classic ones. I made a selection with some of my favorite places in the city to eat sweets and have a good coffee and, of course, I will share with you what they are!

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

The best cafes and bakeries in Los Angeles

Photo: Paulo Cuenca

Starting the list with the coffee shop that is among my favorites there: the Stumptown Coffee Roasters! They roast the coffee beans on the spot, making the drink even more delicious and fresh. It is so good, that I consider it one of the best coffees I have ever had in my life. Anyone who wants a snack can also order a croissant or a bacon scone. If you’re a coffee addict, be sure to stop by ?

Lady M

The best cafes and bakeries in Los Angeles

Photo: @eatwdixnchix

Lady M is the perfect place for those looking for a good cake or some other type of dessert. Their most famous sweet is the crepe cake, which I even taught you to make on the channel. One of the most requested flavors is green tea!
You will also find several more traditional cakes, such as the black forest and red velvet, as well as red fruit and apple tarts. There are many options and if you are indecisive, you can trust that the crepe cake will satisfy your desire for a sweetie.

Café Intelligentsia

The best cafes and bakeries in Los Angeles

Photo: thishanabee

In addition to the atmosphere being a grace, the Intelligentsia Coffee coffees, breads and sweets are also delicious. The weather is super pleasant and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a different breakfast.
The coffee served by them is very handmade and comes from different parts of the world, so you have the chance to discover new flavors and types of beans. If you like places with a more hispter and funky decor, I’m sure you will love meeting Intelligentsia.

Valerie Clothing

The best cafes and bakeries in Los Angeles

Photo: @letmeeatcake

Another wonderful place to eat a good dessert is Valerie Confections. The local chocolates and cakes are the ones that make you want to eat even more, you know? The owner there, Valerie Gordon, has even created a gluten-free chocolate cake option for those who follow a more restricted diet.
The store has three units in Los Angeles, the first of which has been in existence since 2004. Valerie’s care and affection in creating and preparing sweets is certainly one of the main reasons for the store’s success. I recommend that you try the coffee cake that is always among customers’ favorites.

Sweet Lady Jane Bakery

The best cafes and bakeries in Los Angeles

Photo: @yellisieee

Sweet Lady Jane Bakery has three stores around the Los Angeles area, but the one closest to downtown is in West Hollywood. They produce delicious coffees and cakes, especially because they have a more old school style. The three-tiered red fruit cake and hazelnut cheesecake are some of the most requested desserts there. The pastas are super fluffy and well filled.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

The best cafes and bakeries in Los Angeles

Photo: @dinela

I already commented on Mr Holmes Backhouse with you in a post about San Francisco, but she deserved to be in this one too. The neon sign “I Got Baked in Los Angeles” is one of the most special corners of the bakery. It is practically impossible to resist a photo with the phrase in the background.
Donuts and cruffins are always being replenished, because their output is very large. For this reason, everything is always very fresh. The place is ideal for those looking for a good bakery and that yields good photos for instagram, both of the environment and also of the food!

Café Alfred (Melrose Place)

The best cafes and bakeries in Los Angeles

Photo: Racked Los Angeles

Alfred Coffee is a trendy and well-known coffee shop in the city. The environment has a beautiful decoration, with a few touches that make all the difference, such as the brick wall and another with a floral print.
Everything about coffee and food is very delicious. The cakes are fluffy and the croissants are super tasty and fresh. Iced teas are also a hit, meaning the place is perfect for both coffee lovers and tea lovers ?

Bakery Cake Monkey

The best cafes and bakeries in Los Angeles

Photo: Twinspiration

Cake Monkey is another one of the list of incredible bakeries in Los Angeles. They specialize in sweets, so they sell a huge variety of cakes, pies, cookies and other types of dessert. Muffins and mini cakes please anyone. Some of the fillings you will find there are chocolate with almond and salted caramel. Just imagining it made my mouth water!

After seeing so many good things, you even want to go out and buy some candy, or make some at home, right? If you want more tips from Los Angeles, just watch our vlogs ?

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