The best cafes in Paris

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The best cafes in ParisSource: Rebecca Wong

Who never imagined talking at the famous Parisian coffee tables? This is certainly one of the most typical and charming scenes in the city of light, but did you know that the French capital is still relatively new to the specialty coffee market? Yeah! So that you don’t get disappointed, I made a short list of the best Paris cafes!

La Caféothèque
The smell of roasted coffee beans draws attention already on La Caféothèque street. The place is a space for roasting and selling specialty coffees, but it also has a super-charming space, with wooden tables and vertical gardens, to enjoy the drink. The service is exceptional! Baristas are always willing to explain the difference between the beans and talk about the origin of each one.
52 Rue de l’Hôtel de ville. 75004 Paris.
The best cafes in ParisSource: Happy Trips
Fondation Café
With minimalist decor and simple menu, Fondation Café keeps its focus on offering quality drinks to its customers. With a talented barista, the place became popular with coffee aficionados.
16 RueDupetit-Thouars. 75003 Paris.
The best cafes in ParisSource: To Europe And Beyond
Boot Café
In fact, Boot Café is famous for being the smallest cafe in Paris. It sits in a tiny space in the region known as the Upper Marais. The place was once a shoe store in the past, but today it offers great coffees and side dishes – the cakes and pies are delicious!
The decoration of the place is also interesting, as it has old editions of Vogue on the counter and postcards scattered on the walls.
19 RueduPontauxChoux. 75003 Paris.
The best cafes in ParisSource: Made From Scratch
Coutume was one of the first establishments with a focus on specialty coffees to open its doors in Paris. Precisely for this reason, the drink served there usually pleases even the most demanding palates.
47 Rue de Babylone. 75007 Paris.
The best cafes in ParisSource: Coutume Café
Kitsune Coffee
Café Kitsuné is located in the Palais Royal, very close to the Louvre, and has a more fashionista vein as well as Maison Kitsuné. The space is very small and has only a counter. The ideal is to grab a coffee and sit on one of the benches in the charming garden.
51 Galerie de Montpensier. 75001 Paris.
The best cafes in ParisSource: Duo Gigs
Café de Flore
Even though it does not serve the best coffee in town, Café de Flore deserves to be considered for a traditional crème coffee for its authentic Parisian atmosphere. The establishment was once a meeting point for several writers and intellectuals of the 20th century.
The place is right in the heart of Saint Germain and has practically become a tourist spot in the neighborhood.
172 Boulevard Saint-Germain. 75006 Paris.
The best cafes in ParisSource: Terratur
Craft Coffee
Café Craft combines a good coworking space and excellent coffee. With an internal decoration in black and white, the place allows freelancers and other professionals to work in silence away from home and with good wi-fi.
24 RuedesVinaigriers. 75010 Paris.
The best cafes in ParisSource: Sprudge
Café Verlet
With a charming wooden interior, decorated with coffee bags, Café Verlet is synonymous with tradition, since it has been operating since 1880. Even with all its history, Verlet has managed to innovate and is still one of the best establishments in Paris today.
256 Rue Saint Honoré. 75001 Paris.
The best cafes in ParisSource: Diane, A Broad
Do you already know any of these coffees? Have more indications? Tell me here in the comments, after all, the more information, the better ?

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