The best carnival tiaras to get inspired!

The best carnival tiaras to get inspired!

The carnival atmosphere has been going on for a while, after all, 2020 arrived with much expectation of more joy, hope and love! The official holiday of daring is coming, and let’s agree, the most fun part of all this is preparing the outfit to go out each day in a different way. Now it’s time for the carnival tiaras!

The best carnival tiaras to get inspired!

Tiara from @purpurinarias

The most popular accessory is the carnival tiaras, or bows. And it has MANY types: flowers, fruits, stars, phrases and the most unusual possible! From the most expensive to the DIYs, you will surely find the one that suits your style. In addition to being super practical, it is an essential piece to compose the look and leave everything up! Here, a list with several inspirations of carnival tiaras for you to buy, ask for a gift for the crush or make at home. Stay tuned!


Flowers, as always, are great inspirations for all looks. And it would be no different at carnival. The party is so hot that it suits a lot of people who enjoy the most natural, tropic and flowery themes.

The best carnival tiaras to get inspired!

Tiaras from @cancanacessorios

And the flowers can be diverse: orchids, roses and many sunflowers. Here you can choose the one you like best or the one that best suits your personality.

These bring a little more chic air, so you can use it for more serious parties ~ if it exists at carnival ~ that you need to go more tidy. But, no rules, anything goes!

A papaya goes on the head

Still in the footprint of the flowers, here is an inspiration from our beloved Carmen Miranda. There is no way to not remember the singer and actress when we put the fruits on our heads.

The cool thing here is that you can use it with fruits that look real or some with more conceptual proposals. Making with other materials and drawing the fruits is also beautiful!

The crazy of the signs

Nothing better than arriving at the crush and already knowing your sign, right my people? Here it is already presented in the head with whom you will deal if you fall in love. But, there are also those who use the theme to bring more energy and put together an all mystical look.

The best carnival tiaras to get inspired!

Tiara from @arranjoai

I already want the virginiana one! You can dare a lot with the mystical theme, in the planets, in the sky and in everything that reminds the stars.

For those who want to go directly to the source of energization, there is this one that ~ besides being beautiful ~ brings the real stones! It is to send away all bad energy, even !!!

The best carnival tiaras to get inspired!

Photo: @cancanacessorios

To send the message soon

For more direct ones, get there by sending the real one! The phrases, besides being very simple and cheaper, bring to the look that joke that is very welcome at carnival.

The best carnival tiaras to get inspired!

Photo: Passing Blush

I, every internet girl I am, I think the coolest ones are the ones that have memes! It’s a great time to bring your favorite to the block or maybe create your own.

Thematic and different

At carnival it is never too much to bring totally new and different ideas. Creativity is something that is beyond our understanding. You can bet on a material, like pompom, or choose a theme and bet. Or do whatever comes to mind!

The best carnival tiaras to get inspired!

Photo: @purpurinarias and @vistapompo

The most interesting are those that no one has ever seen before and of course, they are very large. After all, to be different, to attract attention, you have to be WELL big, right? No saving on size.

The best carnival tiaras to get inspired!

Photo: @cancanacessorios

DIY: to do at home

This is a complex point, because depending on your skill, any one can be done at home. But, let’s think about listing some that will not be too much trouble for those who want to start little by little.

The best carnival tiaras to get inspired!

Photo: Look and Rio etc.

The smallest ones with the least use of material are the easiest and have millions of tutorials on the internet, which you will be able to do quickly. The most practical ones are made of EVA with glitter, just cut in the shape you prefer: heart, stars, phrases and using a simple tiara and a little wire, necklace and you’re done! But, if you want too, you can take a hat, put some pompoms and that’s it: it’s beautiful and protected from the sun!
So, which one suits you? The most classic or the most different? Whatever it is, the important thing is to be feeling well and not afraid to enjoy this moment of so much euphoria and joy, after all, IT’S CARNIVAL!

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