The best desserts for the summer

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Happy New Year! Starting a new stage requires breath. I see the turn of the year as a relieved breath and a certain chill in the belly to face some challenges, many tasks – not always so new – and all the new days to come. But now it’s summer! Everything seems lighter, smoother, more … Less. Less stress, less pressure. So relax. Come with me, feel the wind on your face, step on the sand and fly high with your mind.
And, of course, be sweet in the right way. Balance is perfection. I separated my favorite desserts from the ones that Dani put on the playlist of the hottest season of the year and I hope I got your taste right too; D
summer-pineapple-lillypulitzer-ickfdphotos: Old Navy / Lilly Pulitzer
In each of the videos, you will have fun and want to try each of the delights. Frappuccino, orange cheesecake, mascarpone mousse, smoothie and much, much more.
So there you go! Sit in front of the fan, put your feet up and cool off:
[youtube]watch? v = dVjGa-DZ_3w & list = PL7biWkm0dNqY0sWZb9eIQIQu6koOe3tnq & index = 1[/youtube]

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