The best Duty-free chocolates

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It is already January and for many people the next few months are synonymous with holidays. If you are one of those lucky ones and on top of that you decided to take a break outside, you will definitely go to the Duty-free shop. Is it or is not it?
As a good ant, my favorite “zone” of these stores is the chocolate part, so I have a good grasp of this subject. To make your trip even more delicious and make waiting hours at the airport go by quickly, I bring you a list of the best chocolates you can find in Duty-free shops.
gif-chocolate-ickfdsource: Welcometomycrazyoddworld.tumblr
If you are in doubt whether you want milk chocolate, white or dark, this is the order. The classic box contains small portions of the three varieties and other versions with hazelnuts and walnuts. Plus, it’s a great memory!
This is also a good opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Swiss chocolate if you don’t live in one of the few Brazilian states where Lindt’s store is present.
chocolates-duty-free-lindt-napolitains-assorted-ickfd-dubaidutyfreesource: Dubai Duty Free
These bars are sold in different flavors, among them Milka Triolade (a mixture of white, milk and semi-bitter chocolate), Milka Oreo (with a layer of Oreo cookie) and Milka Biscuit (with a layer of biscuit). All are delicious, but my favorite bar is Milka Caramel and Whole Hazelnuts.
chocolates-duty-free-milka-oreo-germandelistore-ickfdchocolates-duty-free-milka-toffee-germandelistore-ickfdsource: German Deli Store
If you are a fan of dark chocolate but also love milk chocolate, you must try this French bar. It is a milk chocolate, but with a high cocoa content. Cut in the mouth … A delight!
chocolates-duty-free-varlhona-bahibe-elrincondelchocolate-ickfdsource: Elrincondelchocolate
Reese’s is a little chocolate cup filled with peanut butter. American thing… that is, one of those crazy gastronomic inventions that went very well! If you are going to or from the United States, you will almost certainly find this chocolate on the shelves of the Duty-free shop.
Oh, and if you want to make it at home, click here to check the recipe!
chocolates-duty-free-reeses-hersheystore-ickfdsource: Hersheys Store
Think of delicious chocolate. Now multiply by three. Anyone who has never tried NEEDS to try Lindt’s creamy truffles – OK, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of the company’s card.
Creamy, the truffles melt in your mouth and it is impossible to eat just one. They are offered in different flavors (milk, white, bitter, coconut, orange, strawberry, hazelnuts, etc.). Despite being small, they are so good to cry.
chocolates-duty-free-lindt-lindor-ickfdsource: Lindt USA
Kinder Bueno needs no introduction. The difference of buying the chocolate bar, wafer and hazelnut cream at the Duty-free shop is that there you can buy a box with several and make a stock for the entire trip.
chocolates-duty-free-kinder-bueno-aeliadutyfree-ickfdsource: Aelia Duty Free
Some Duty-free shops have a space specially dedicated to Godiva, where you can assemble your own box of chocolates. In that case, the milk chocolate “oysters” are a must.
These are composed of two thin layers of Belgian milk chocolate, imitating a shell, and a hazelnut cream ganache ball imitating the pearl… But this description does not even live up to the “oyster” that deserved to win the award for best chocolate from Godiva .
chocolates-duty-free-godiva-oyster-ickfdsource: Godiva
What do you think? Do you have any Duty-Free chocolate that you love but I left out? Comment here!

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