The best Eclair in Paris

The best Eclair in Paris


Photo – Cristina Mello

Christophe Adam is one of the most renowned confectioners in Paris. After making his fame work at the Fauchon confectionery, he opened a store specializing in Eclair (bomb or carolina) in 2012, L’éclair de Génie. Yes, just imagine a whole store with delicious bombs everywhere!

Photo – Cristina Mello


Photo – City guide

The decor is super cute and very modern, a grace!

Photo – Casa Electrolux Blog

Of course, it was a success and today the business has grown a lot (6 units in Paris and 3 in Japan). His Écalirs are sensational and there is a multitude of flavors! Paulo and I tried salted caramel and fell in love!

Photo – Official Instagram (@leclairdegenieofficiel)

Today, the store still produces other items (as delicious as eclairs). I couldn’t resist the caramel tubes or the sweet pates – think of an improved Nutella.


Photo – Cerf Dellier Blog

Christophe has several books published – one of them only about eclairs, of course. I’ve been eager to learn more and more about the history of this confectioner and his delights!

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