The Best Free Tours in Paris

The Best Free Tours in Paris

Many people think that Paris has only expensive places, with few options for free or cheap tours. However, the city is full of incredible activities that can be done without spending almost anything. In Belleville, for example, you can visit the Buttes-Chaumont park and explore the region’s street art by paying only for transport money.
Being a super tourist and cosmopolitan city, there are many options. If you plan to visit Paris and don’t want to spend a lot, you can rest assured! I chose some of the best free tours there, all super interesting and wonderful. Curious to know what they are?

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral

The Best Free Tours in Paris

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A visit to the Notre-Dame Cathedral, one of the most famous sights in Paris, is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. It is one of the oldest Gothic style cathedrals in the world. You know how old it is, the construction started in 1163!
Although admission to the cathedral is free, you must pay to climb the towers and the crypt. Ah, this part of the tour is only valid for those who really want to know the interior of these spaces, ok?


The Best Free Tours in Paris

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Although I already talked about the bouquinists in the general post about Paris, I think it’s important to reinforce the tip. The stands are all along three kilometers of the River Seine, making the landscape even more incredible and with a vintage atmosphere, you know? Even though it is something super characteristic of the region, the number of bouquinistas has decreased year after year.
Another problem is the difficulty of finding buyers who are really interested in older and rarer books and magazines. For this reason, it has become increasingly common to sell souvenirs on newsstands. If you travel there, be sure to check out these bouquinists. Who knows, maybe you will find something different and that will become a great memory of the tour ?

Canal Saint-Martin

The Best Free Tours in Paris

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Do you want to take a tour not so touristy, but still super charming? Just walk through the Canal Saint-Martin region. This area of ​​Paris is super cool and frequented mainly by young people who gather on the banks of the canal. Some people even bring picnic towels to the place, including at night.
The small bridges along the canal are also a great place to take pictures and enjoy the view. If you’ve seen Amélie Poulain’s Fabulous Destiny, you must remember Amélie throwing pebbles into the canal’s waters!

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

The Best Free Tours in Paris

Photo: Doug Smit via Flickr

This tour may be considered a little morbid for some, but it remains one of the most sought after by tourists. The Cimetiere du Père Lachaise is one of the most famous cemeteries in the world, with several well-known names buried there. Oscar Wild, Edit Piaf and Jim Morrison are just a few of the graves you’ll find. Not everyone enjoys visiting cemeteries, so think carefully before deciding whether or not to go to the site!

Small Palace

The Best Free Tours in Paris

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Those who love art and want to save money at the entrance to museums can now add the Petit Palais to the itinerary! Built in 1900, the interior of the building is as beautiful as it is on the outside. The permanent art collection is quite extensive, with paintings and sculptures mainly from the Italian and French Renaissance.
Among the artists on display, the best known are Monet, Delacroix and Renoir. The visit is worth it even for those who do not enjoy much art, because the architecture and decoration of the museum is wonderful. The construction is from the Belle Époque era, so it is full of super characteristic details.

Place de la Concorde

The Best Free Tours in Paris

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Concorde Square is a good starting point to spend a day walking around Paris. The place is a historic spot in Paris, as it was where hundreds of people died in the guillotine. Despite the very heavy past, the square is currently very busy with tourists.
Walking through the region you will find the central fountain of the square, the Pont de la Concorde, the Champs Élysées and even the Louvre. As all these places are close to each other, you can book a whole morning to get to know everything without haste ?

Arch of Triumph

The Best Free Tours in Paris

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The Arc de Triomphe is another place that almost never misses people who visit Paris. The entrance is only paid if you want to go to the top of the arch, as in the case of Notre-Dame Cathedral. You can enjoy it for free outside and pay attention to all the details that make up the arch!
Ah, if you feel like it, the entrance to the arch costs 12 € for adults. They have an elevator, but the more than 250 steps are also an option for those who want to know this part of the construction.

Galeries Lafayette

The Best Free Tours in Paris

Photo: @dearkristinemay

Last, but not least, Galeries Lafayette. The place is a kind of mall, but only with designer stores, you know? The products are very expensive and few have affordable prices. However, the grace of this place is its structure and the view from the rooftop.
The architecture of the “gallery” is wonderful, you are even silly with the beauty of every detail of the space. Those who enjoy fashion and beauty and always dreamed of seeing several famous brands gathered in one place will also love visiting Galeries Lafayette!
Of course, in addition to these places, there are many other spaces to be discovered. For you to have an even more complete panorama of the city, just watch the vlogs of our trip through Paris ?

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