The best helados in Buenos Aires

The best helados in Buenos Aires

You may already know that I am an ice cream aficionado, right? This is one of my favorite sweets in life, especially in the summer, and I know that this wonder is also in the top 10 of many people.
As in travel I almost never fail to taste an ice cream, you can imagine my excitement to take a real helado in the capital of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is known for its artisanal ice cream parlors and for sure you will not regret taking an ice cream in some (or some) of these places ?


The best helados in Buenos Aires

Photo: Martín Rosenzveig via Info Bae

Impossible to start this list with some other ice cream shop, after all, Cadore was voted one of the best in the world by National Geographic in the book Food journeys of a lifetime (2017). Porteños are simply passionate about dulce de leche ice cream produced on the premises and we will agree that if there is someone who understands dulce de leche, it is the Argentine people.
Despite being founded in northern Italy in 1881, Cadore was successful even in Argentina. This is because the Olivotti family, owner of the ice cream shop, came to Argentina in the 1950s and already in 1957 they already opened the unit in the capital.
Address: Avenida Corrientes 1695 – Downtown


The best helados in Buenos Aires

Photo: Serious Eats

Original from Patagonia, the brand’s handmade ice creams gradually conquered customers. Jauja’s main activity, in the 1980s, was the La Cocinita de Jauja restaurant, which served regional dishes and a few artisanal ice creams as a “complement”. Over the years, the Mazzini family has created increasingly unusual flavors and ice cream has come to dominate sales. Today, the ice cream shop has 15 units and one of them is in the Palermo neighborhood.
Currently, Jauja has more than 70 flavors that vary depending on the time of year and the region. In addition to the classics, they have very different ice creams such as matte, beer, banana slip, lemon with ginger, cardamom … I’m sure you will be surprised with so many alternatives.
Address: Cerviño 3901 – Palermo


The best helados in Buenos Aires

Photo: @persiccoar

Despite being a large chain, Persicco manages to maintain the quality of a traditional home. You will surely find some unit on your way, because they are spread over the main neighborhoods of the city: Palermo, Recoleta, Puerto Madero, San Telmo, Belgrano… But what is the difference? In addition to the decoration that still manages to be cozy, even the classic flavors have an unusual touch: the dulce de leche, for example, has a light salty flavor at the end.
For those who enjoy unusual combinations, order the cream that gives the house its name and take vanilla, Mistela wine and dates ?
Address: Honduras 4900 – Palermo Soho (click here to see other units)

Rapa nui

The best helados in Buenos Aires

Photo: Bariloche a la Carta

Also raised in Patagonia, Rapa Nui has been conquering people from Buenos Aires. Despite the more sophisticated decoration, the ice cream shop has the same footprint as Jauja and its great differential is the mixture of ingredients. I noticed that the ice creams created in this region of Argentina are quite unusual, right? Dulce de leche ice cream made with goat’s milk is one of the most famous, but there are also options that mix fruits (like kiwi and passion fruit) and many alternatives with chocolate of up to 80% cocoa. Seven of the eleven units are in the city of Buenos Aires and it is very worthwhile to stop by.
Address: Uruguay 1284 – Recoleta


The best helados in Buenos Aires

Photo: Engineer with the right brain

Opened in 1909, the ice cream parlor is a true historic spot in the San Cristobal neighborhood. The place was one of the favorites of the famous Tango singer Carlos Gardel in the 1920s and you can not fail to taste the classic lemon ice cream of the house. Besides it, Crema Saverio is also worth it, after all, it is not always that we find a good vanilla ice cream with figs, almonds and chestnuts, right? The headquarters is huge (capacity for more than 100 people), but has a more outdated decor.
Address: Avenida San Juan 2816 – San Cristobal (click here to check other units)


The best helados in Buenos Aires

Photo: @buffalahelados

For those who enjoy super-fresh ice cream produced in the store’s basement, the Búffala ice cream shop is the best alternative in the Recoleta neighborhood. There are 34 flavors and the most requested are those of Búffala chocolate and sambayón.
Address: Av. Pueyrredón 2100 – Recoleta
You must be wondering about Freddo, right? As there are some units scattered throughout Brazil, I decided to leave off the list and focus on ice cream shops that we can only taste in Argentina. Do you have any other suggestions? With so many alternatives the difficult thing is to control yourself not to stop at every corner and delight in different helados!

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