The best museums and art galleries in Rome

The best museums and art galleries in Rome

As I told you in the first post about Rome, the city is super historic and full of important places to visit. In addition to old buildings and famous churches, there you will also find a wide variety of museums dedicated to art with works by renowned artists from the past to other contemporaries.
Even those who don’t like museums a lot should know at least one in Rome, because each one of them has a different characteristic. Who knows, you might find one that catches your attention, right? If you like this type of tour, you can be sure that you will fall in love with the city even more after visiting the places on this list!


The best museums and art galleries in Rome

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Maxxi is one of the newest museums in the city and focuses mainly on 21st century art. For this reason, it is one of the most concentrated young and innovative artists. The project made by Zaha Hadid aimed to redevelop the space, yielding a beautiful construction.
The place also functions as a space for lectures and other cultural events, that is, you will find many things to see there. The creation of the project was designed so that the museum receives different types of exhibitions, so they are not restricted to a single type of artistic expression.


The best museums and art galleries in Rome

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Like Maxxi, the Macro (Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome) focuses on avant-garde and current art. The place was formerly a beer factory that closed in 1974. Since a program to restore public places was created, several points in the city have been restored, such as the space that originated the Macro.
The proposal of this museum is even more innovative than Maxxi. Their future project is to transform the space into an appropriate place for the production of artistic, cultural and intellectual content. It is like a space in which art is in constant motion.

Borghese Gallery

The best museums and art galleries in Rome

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This is one of the most important galleries in Rome! It concentrates works by super famous and renowned artists in the artistic world. Among them are Bernini, Caravaggio and Botticelli – a strong team, right? The museum is not very large, but the architecture is rich in details and the works on display are even more impressive. Another reason for you to visit this place is because of the space where it is. In front of the huge mansion there is a beautiful garden that is a very nice area to walk.

Lorcan O’Neill Gallery Roma

The best museums and art galleries in Rome

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This gallery is not well known and is not usually part of the itinerary of many tourists, but it has a lot to offer. The site seeks to value contemporary art and give space to international artists, such as Celia Hempton and Martin Creed.
In addition to showing the work of already famous Italians, they seek to make the most of space for young artists. Their work with art is extremely important, since young people still in the beginning of their careers do not usually receive so much attention. So, if you have some time left, be sure to visit this space ?

Capitoline Museums

The best museums and art galleries in Rome

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Capitoline Museums are made up of three palaces on Capitol Square. They have a very varied collection and had so many pieces that they ended up creating a branch in Ostiense, which was named as Museu Centrale Montemartini. I recommend this tour for those who love not only art, but also archeology.
Objects, sculptures, paintings and archaeological finds are able to enchant even those who don’t like history very much. It is an interactive and super interesting way to learn about Rome and the Roman Empire.

Palazzo Altemps

The best museums and art galleries in Rome

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Most of the Palazzo Altemps collection belonged to private collections of noble families. As these families were proud of their collections, they kept the paintings and statues in perfect condition, which is why the works are so well preserved.
Still, time has slightly degraded sculptures and paintings. To reverse this situation, some of them have been restored by artists known worldwide, such as Bernini. The building’s structure is beautiful and full of peculiarities. The 27 rooms on site are divided between the permanent collection and other temporary exhibitions.

National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

The best museums and art galleries in Rome

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This gallery has one of the most important collections in Italy, mainly of modern Italian art, but also international. The architecture of the gallery is already a great incentive for you to visit the place, because the building is beautiful. In this space you will find works by artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Umberto Boccioni and many others – has creations for all tastes.
The GNAM collection is huge, with approximately 4400 works including sculptures and paintings. It is an entire universe of art to be explored and enjoyed. Take a look at the gallery’s website before going to visit it to also know what is being exhibited in the temporary collections section!

Doria Pamphilj Gallery

The best museums and art galleries in Rome

Photo: Best Rome in Italy

All works at Galleria Doria Pamphilj are from private art collections. The internal part of the building is stunning, decorated mainly with golden tones, giving an even more luxurious appearance to the place.
The outside of the gallery is not very beautiful, which is why its interior is so surprising and charming. The collection contains works by very important artists, from Bernini and Caravaggio to Parmigianino and Velázquez. This place definitely needs to be part of your Rome itinerary.
Museums and art galleries couldn’t talk about a city as historic as this, right? Tell me here if you have a favorite art style and also know other cool places to visit there ?

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