The Best Restaurants in Prague

The Best Restaurants in Prague

For those who like beer, visiting the Czech Republic is ideal. Did you know that this country was considered the biggest beer consumer per capita? There each person consumes almost 150 liters per year! The most curious thing is that there are establishments specialized in beers and even some unusual practices arise, such as the beer spa.
But tourists don’t live on beer alone, do they? In addition to some
must-sees you need to do in the city, we’ve listed some restaurants as a suggestion for anyone going to Prague. We well know that beer goes with heavier dishes. So, it’s not surprising that this selection is full of restaurants specializing in combo with beer ?

U Bulínů

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This is a restaurant for those looking for something further away from the city center. Common super traditional menu, U Bulínů is one of the most popular Czech restaurants popular from Prague. The dishes more orders they are: pork belly with black beer sauce, salmon trout with thyme and rabbit with mustard sauce. And of course, the drinks are also of high quality.


The Best Restaurants in Prague

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This restaurant is more sophisticated and uses modern techniques in traditional dishes. You can choose the option of a tasting menu and have an experience that brings together some special dishes with great classics. The restaurant has both Czech and international recipes.
But, if you want to taste only the typical dishes of the region, the recommended is the special 4-course tasting menu. And then, you still have the option of taking a hike to the top of Old Town Bridge Tower, with an unbelievable view of the entire city.


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Photo: Smetana

That’s the real gastronomic experience: going to Smetana is more than just tasting Czech cuisine, it is also linked to the climate of the environment. One of the main features is that its interior is full of history!
The restaurant received several artists such as Mozart (!!!) and there are those who say that, by receiving these artists, the music resonates through the walls of the restaurant. That is, you can enjoy a wonderful meal and be in contact with music.
The menu has several options for salads and pasta. And to taste traditional dishes from the Czech Republic, it’s worth knowing the Goulash – the famous red meat stew, prepared with animal fat and spices.

Hanavský Pavilion

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This restaurant unites 3 things we love: history, architecture and food. The building was originally built in 1891 and has a baroque structure that impresses those who see it from the outside. For your grand structure, it doesn’t even look like it’s a restaurant!
There is served a menu that mixes local and international dishes. The cool thing is that, in the summer, you can eat on the restaurant terrace, with a surreal view of the Vltava river – the longest river in the Czech Republic.


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The Nota Bene restaurant has a menu with some surprises. Despite being based on classic Czech and Eastern European cuisine, you will find specialties from fish on the menu. The highlights they are for trout salad and grilled salmon with ratatouille.
Another thing that stands out is the delicious desserts with a homey touch. The darling is the blueberry cheesecake! Who resists there? The restaurant has only five different dining options Craft beers with a common feature: all are made by small local breweries.
And speaking of desserts, whoever goes to Prague can’t help but try The trdelník. To learn more about this delicious candy, check out the other post here on the website or the video we tried.

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