The best restaurants in St. Petersburg

The best restaurants in St. Petersburg

It is practically impossible for me and Paulo to travel somewhere and not give tips on where to eat, right? We haven’t been to Russia yet, but our research is in full swing. We are always looking for the best places and tours. I love visiting cool restaurants that have super tasty food.
Luckily, St. Petersburg is full of these places. I selected some of the most interesting restaurants, not only for Russian food but also for international cuisine. After all, it’s always good to try different dishes and explore new flavors ?


The best restaurants in St. Petersburg

Photo: Restoclub

This is one of the most amazing restaurants there, both because of the super varied menu and also because of the environment. The Jérôme has a more rustic decor, with gray walls and a brick ceiling – it’s a grace. Another very charming thing over there is the vegetable garden suspended on one of the walls. In addition to making the corner beautiful, it also shows how fresh the restaurant’s ingredients are.
The cuisine is a mix of France and Italy, finished in a Russian style. The dishes are very modern and chef Antonio Fresa has great creations. Some of the most requested dishes there are oyster risotto and veal with smoked potato puree. For those who are vegetarian, they have a part of the special menu. In this case, the base of the dishes are vegetables, one of which is roasted cauliflower with ceaser sauce.


The best restaurants in St. Petersburg

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If you have always wanted to try Israeli food or like this cuisine, the Bekitzer is a must. The restaurant has a more relaxed style and also has great cocktails. As the atmosphere is very informal, it is even considered a bar.
There you will find the main dishes of Israeli cuisine. I’ll name a few to give you an idea: falafel, hummus, baba ganoush and carrots with Moroccan spices. All for a very affordable and very well prepared price. As the menu does not contain as many options for meat dishes, it is a good place for vegetarians and vegans.

Made in China

The best restaurants in St. Petersburg

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Made In China mixed industrial and rustic decor with darker lighting that makes the environment super cozy. The place, as the name implies, specializes in Asian food. The difference is in the very modern and balanced touch of the ingredients.
Like Bekitizer, it is also considered a bar, since it sells small portions and varied drinks. If you want to bet on a colorful drink, one of the best known there is Blue Monkey, made with gin and kafir lemon, Japanese melon liqueur and coconut cream!


The best restaurants in St. Petersburg

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People who enjoy cozy places, small and with a hipster decor will love Fartuk. The restaurant and cafe is a perfect stopping point for those who want to eat something lighter, like an afternoon coffee or a healthier dinner. If you want a more complete meal just ask for one of the pasta on the menu and also a wine of your choice. It’s a great combination, especially for a more intimate dinner.
Ah, the breakfast menu is available until five o’clock in the afternoon, so even if you wake up late you still have time to try some delicious things from this charming place.


The best restaurants in St. Petersburg

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The Tartarbar menu is full of modern combinations, as well as the restaurant’s decor. They specialize in tartar, so you will find a huge variety of this dish. Some of the most different are the scallop tartar with spinach and the meat with salsa mousse.
If raw meat doesn’t appeal to you, there are several other options like chicken with polenta and foie gras. For vegetarians I recommend broccoli with stracciatella cheese. I’m sure you will fall in love with both the environment and the local food!


The best restaurants in St. Petersburg

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The Biblioteka has three floors, each of which has different approaches. On the ground floor you will find a café full of sweets, and two other parts for hamburgers and for more homemade cuisine. On the second floor, there is a small flower shop, a space for children and a part dedicated to a refined kitchen, with dishes such as soups or a rack of lamb.
Finally, on the third floor, a bar and a library restaurant. As you have noticed, within a single place you will find numerous options, that is, you can visit the Biblioteka more than once to see a floor each day!

Duo Gastrobar

The best restaurants in St. Petersburg

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This is one of the best restaurants in St. Petersburg and is run by the same team at Tartarbar. The minimalist and Scandinavian design of the environment is beautiful and perfectly matches the quality of the food. Among the most requested dishes there are salmon with quinoa and mascarpone and also a crab bruschetta.
Those who like to harmonize food with wine will have a menu with incredible options that appeal to all tastes. Even those who are vegetarian can visit the Duo Gastrobar. A good choice is the gnocchi with spinach, parmesan and truffle sauce!


The best restaurants in St. Petersburg

Photo: The Village

Banshiki is perfect for those who want to taste the best of Russian cuisine. In addition to classic dishes, you will also see on the menu some more innovative options with a special touch given by chef Stanislav Levokho. The restaurant opened in 2017, but is already known for the quality and diversity of the products on its menu.
One of the most interesting things is that most of the ingredients are produced by them – from herbs to the eight types of smoked fish. The cherry dumpling with sour cream and also the smoked catfish accompanied with pumpkin and purple beans are delicious options.


The best restaurants in St. Petersburg

Photo: Brabbu

Another restaurant with delicious Russian cuisine, but with a very different proposal from Banshiki. At Cococo the menus are based on seasonal products and they also offer a 12-course tasting menu. The ingredients are all local and part of the menu is dedicated to vegetarians.
One of the vegetarian dishes is the cabbage steak with barbecue sauce. For meat eaters, the options are huge. One of the most requested and very typical of Russia is the coulibiac stuffed with rabbit meat and accompanied with vegetables.
Did you like the tips? If you know any other place that has super tasty food there, tell me here ?

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