The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in the Algarve
The best vegetarian restaurants in the algarve

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in the Algarve

Are you a vegetarian and planning a trip to the Algarve, Portugal? I bring good news! Despite being a coastal region and most restaurants are specialized in seafood, there are several options for those who do not eat any type of meat and great vegan alternatives.
I already made a post here on the site about the best restaurants in general there, but it’s time to give the tips of the most delicious places for those who are vegetarian just like me ?


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Why not start with a find vegan? O Outro Lado, in Faro, is an amazing vegan restaurant! The menu varies according to the fresh ingredients available, but in general it is a very varied menu. Pastries, pasta, salads, soups, sandwiches, homemade breads … There’s a little bit of everything, including desserts!
It is worth mentioning that the restaurant does not open on Sundays and dinner is served only from Thursday to Saturday, ok? The place is simple and relaxed, the face of the region!


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Also in Faro, the Mel & Limão restaurant is another good option for vegan tourists. The place is quieter, all the food is organic and fresh – it is no wonder that the menu changes daily based on local ingredients. In addition to great prices and excellent variety, the restaurant is small and super-punchy.
The place does not open on Sundays and Mondays. On Tuesdays the opening hours are from 12:30 to 18:00 – on other days until 23:00. Lunch is served only from 12:30 to 14:30 and dinner from 19:30 to 22h. At other times you will find fresh coffees, juices, teas and cakes.


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In Albufeira you will find a special restaurant inside the Pine Cliffs Hotel; the Zest. In addition to the beautiful decor, the location is excellent: right next to the beach! There they have the service Grab & Go, where you can choose and take the dishes you want to splash around on the beach – perfect for those who don’t want to miss a minute of the sun ?
But if I were you, I would go in to eat there. The place brings several healthy options, even has a salad bar with over 30 ingredients! For those with a companion who does not give up animal protein, it is also possible to add extra small portions of chicken, beef or shrimp.
The restaurant opens at 10 am and if you, like me, love breakfast, know that it is served until 6 pm, when the place closes.


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With healthy and heavier options, Vegan Joe’s is a must for vegetarians and vegans in Loulé. The goal here is to show that vegan food can be very tasty. The menu is super complete: there are hamburgers, pies, wraps, vegetable ragout, chili … Not to mention the special Japanese food menu!
The side dishes are also to make anyone’s mouth water: hummus, guacamole, sweet potato fries, polenta chips, various salads … The vegan cheese board is also worth mentioning, as well as the desserts!
From Monday to Thursday, they only serve lunch from 12:00 to 14:30. On Fridays and Saturdays, the place reopens at 7 pm for dinner, which is served until 10 pm.


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Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Yoga & Pilates center, restaurant … Really, Lalitana is a super complete place in the Lagos region. There you will find vegetarian and vegan options for all meals of the day, in addition to smoothies, teas, juices, cakes and snacks in between. The place has a diverse menu, with several options for tapas, snacks, dishes and desserts.
There they only use local and fresh ingredients, besides everything being organic. The hours are great: Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 12am. Perfect for those who don’t want to worry about vacation time, right?


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Also in Lagos, Estúdio Vegetariano is a super cozy restaurant with incredible service. Unlike all the others, the place opens from Thursday to Monday, only after 6 pm and closes at 10:30 pm. Aah, and if you go out of season, better check on the Facebook page if the restaurant is open!
In addition to the super friendly and attentive staff, the variety of ingredients is incredible! There you will find stuffed peppers, seitan steak, falafel, lasagna, spaghetti, lentils with cilantro pesto … It is really quite complete.


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You know that buffet style restaurant with dozens of delicious options that is difficult to choose? This is Eurasia, in Albufeira! The super casual and cozy restaurant offers very well-seasoned preparations for different tastes – all vegetarian and with some vegan options! It is that place without frills, with delicious dishes, always fresh ingredients, neat presentation and great price ?
The downside is the opening hours: the place is open from Monday to Saturday, only from 12pm to 3pm. It is worth arriving early, because in high season things really end, ok?


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Enjoy buffet-style restaurants with a lot of variety? Ginger and Cinnamon is the perfect place in Faro! The decor is simple, but what really matters is the food, right? The place offers many tasty vegan options and the service always earns praise. There are many options of raw salads, in addition to hot dishes (always being exchanged) and even some soups!
The bad part is the time from 12h to 15, super short. The place is open from Monday to Saturday and is worth the visit, even for non-vegetarians!


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Don’t be fooled by the name: at Veggie Café Albufeira you will find much more than a warm drink! The menu changes daily and always contains a soup, a main course, a tea and, of course, a coffee to finish. There are also good vegan options, see? Here the vibe is healthier, but still the desserts are worth it – in fact, it is one of the highlights of the menu!
During the week you can have a nice to brush, have lunch and even dinner (opens from 11 am to 3:30 pm and from 4 pm to 10 pm); on Saturdays, the place closes earlier, at 4 pm, and on Sundays it doesn’t open.


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With a focus on vegan macrobiotic cuisine, Alfarroba Café is the right place for a light and balanced meal in Albufeira. The menu changes daily depending on the fresh and local ingredients available (check the menu on the Facebook page before you go), but there is always a soup, main course and tea – desserts are on the side. If it’s summertime, try sitting at the outdoor tables for an even more enjoyable experience.
The cafe only opens during the week (Monday to Friday), from 12pm to 4pm, but it is still worth the visit!
In addition to the beautiful scenery, the Algarve region has a lot to offer when it comes to food! It was a great surprise to discover so many places that specialize in vegetarian and vegan food there ?

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