The best way to clean broken glass and crockery

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Few things are capable of causing more despair in the kitchen than smashing dishes on the floor, especially when you are flying to finish some preparation or are full of guests at home.
In these five minutes of a mini-heart attack the best thing is to breathe and get a piece of bread…. Huh? That’s right … A piece of bread, your newest best friend in cases of glass shards and almost invisible pieces of crockery scattered on the floor.
The procedure does not require a detailed step-by-step and basically consists of squeezing any slice of bread (French, whole, old and forgotten … whatever is closest!) On the pieces. Fast, simple and painless! The pieces stick to the bread like a magnet, until today it was the best solution I found.
Note: Toast definitely doesn’t work in this case, I tried it once and the result was … well, a very unpleasant mix of croûtons and porcelain.
teacher andre santiago
photo: Professor Andre Santiago

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