The best ways to wear your slip-on

The best ways to wear your slip-on

You already know how I love sneaker looks, right? One of the models that I like most and consider very versatile is the slip-on. The footprint of this model is very modern and cool, besides being super practical and having several variations of materials and prints.
I decided to show you what I like most about the looks with this type of sneakers!

Animal print

dani-noce-slip-on-01 Photo 1 – Elle Spain / Photo 2 – Vogue Haus / Photo 3 – Victoria Tornegren

The leopard slip-on has already become a classic! This contrast of a very cool piece with a “wagon” print is incredible for composing modern looks! Another animal print that I really like is the snake print. For being more discreet, she looks amazing in bolder looks.

Fun impressions

dani-noce-slip-on-02 Photo 1 – Frassy / Photo 2 – Anthropology / Photo 3 – Time For Fashion

How not to love? The pineapple prints are beautiful to die for and look great for a summer look. Polka dots and plaid are great options for putting together a look with a mix of prints, because they don’t weigh but add personality!


dani-noce-slip-on-03 Photo 1 – Just Like Waylon / Photo 2 – The Zoe Report / Photo 3 – Viva Luxury

Metallized is, in itself, a fashionista item. Tennis in that tone makes the look more futuristic and clean. I really like compositions with basic pieces, because the piece becomes the highlight!

Black pants

dani-noce-slip-on-04 Photo 1 – Amazon / Photo 2 – Lovin Blog / Photo 3 – Seersucker and Saddles

If your question is how to use it, here’s a tip! The dark pants, mainly black, match absolutely all models. You create a good look comfortable and elegant at the same time! This is a great option to not dare too much, but keep using your partner!


dani-noce-slip-on-05 Photo 1 – Hello Fashion / Photo 2 – Stella Wants Todie / Photo 3 – Stylish Wife

Jeans are the greatest of classics and look amazing with slip on sneakers. You can compose it with a colored top, a turtleneck for the colder days or pair with the bag (I loved that shade of red)!


dani-noce-slip-on-06 Foto 1 – Le Fashion / Foto 2 – Stylista / Foto 3 – Waysify

This mix of unisex shoes with a super feminine piece is amazing! The looks that mix textures like leather, cotton and wool are very modern and casual! I love the combination.


dani-noce-slip-on-07 Photo 1 – Lovin Blog / Photo 2 – Make my life easier / Photo 3 – Lovin Blog

In the same line as the skirts, the dresses also create a great contrast! Even with the garment, you can put on mid-season looks just by throwing a scarf and a denim jacket (photo 2). If you want to create a more informal look, opt for the most loose and fluid dress models. If your intention is to become more sophisticated, choose a straight model and complete with patterned or metallic sneakers.

Where to find

dani-noce-slip-on-08 Photo 1 – Petite Jolie na Dafiti / Photo 2 – Anthropology / Photo 3 – Schutz

It is not difficult to find beautiful models out there! The models with applications are very feminine and look great with skirts and dresses! The metallic ones that pull to earthy tones help to lengthen the silhouette, because they almost blend with the skin tone. If you like a more fashion and fun look, the print will always be the best option!
Have you chosen your favorite?

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